Hot Wheels: Audi S6 Review

Hot Wheels: Audi S6 Review

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Audi S6 Review

The Smoking Tire takes the 2013 Audi S6 out for a blast through the Mulholland Canyons to see if downsizing its engine has taken away its fun factor. Hint: It hasn’t.

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37 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Audi S6 Review”

  1. Looks like Cal Crutchow's leathers – but, I can assure you, that's not t him ! Get a Bike Matt – what's wrong with you ! MotoGP on Bien – best racing now without a doubt ! Also – doesn't the S7 have a console in the back seat like a Panamera so they're both only 4 seaters – kinda important don't you think………..

  2. Hey man, I just wanted to say I've been watching your videos and I've really been enjoying them. You do such a good job of breaking things down clearly, and you have a lot of fun driving all these cars. You seem like a super cool dude – great job and keep driving!

  3. As a car video enthusiat, I would suggest for a more fun video to watch, especially for car driving test video, just duped the voice over the outside view of the car while it's being driven (over different terrains and with different speed curves). It get boring real fast just looking at the driver. Just a feedback.

  4. i was going to get the S6 but i happen to fall in love with the BMW M5. all i got to say is look for a used one! The 2 Audi's we owned we got used with really low miles on it and saved thousands. The S6 is was going to purchase had 2K miles on it for only $60,000 and was almost fully loaded. you could easily talk down the dealer in price and paying $57,000 or so for a slightly used 2013 S6 sounds like one good deal to me!

  5. My Dad owns the M5 which has around 550 hp. It's just way too much hp for everyday use. This S6 has the perfect everyday setup for enthusiast.

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