Hot Wheels: Best Used Bargain? 2010 BMW 135i – One Take

Hot Wheels: Best Used Bargain? 2010 BMW 135i – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Best Used Bargain? 2010 BMW 135i – One Take

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Is the BMW 135i could be the best overall performance bargain for under $20k? It’s lighter than an M3, has plenty of power, mods easily, and rides quietly. In this price range you have a lot of options from Ford, Chevy, VW, Scion, Subaru, and Honda. The only way to answer this question is hop in a 400HP 2010 BMW 135i and find out.

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ENGINE: N54 inline 6 turbo. 3.0L twin-turbo.
POWER: 300HP @5800RPM (Stock)
TORQUE: 300TQ at 1400RPM
TRANS: 6-speed manual
WT: 3373lbs
WB: 104”, L= 171” W=68.” Shorter than an e46!
MSPORT: Sport seats, sport wheel, shadowing trim, shifter, black headline, some appearance stuff.

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32 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Best Used Bargain? 2010 BMW 135i – One Take”

  1. Key fob in the pocket to start depends entirely on the option for comfort access. There is a different security module in the car for this option that communicates with the key, there are also sensors in the door handles with this package that detects your hand and pings the key which unlocks the doors with no need to press the unlock button.

  2. I've had a '11 135i for a little over 5 years now. I've at times considered getting rid of it, but honestly, it's so hard to see myself completing parting ways with it. At this point, I can see myself holding onto it for many more years to come.

  3. I have an '11 m sport convertible. I can't see a situation in which I would sell it, ever. It's a modern classic and definitely a future collectible. They are quite rare because in '11 most BMW buyers (lessors) would have chosen a 328i for less money.

  4. N54 is the engine to get. Also, you can get big numbers with a simple tune, test pipes, and e85 but the chassis can't really handle it. It's not balanced.

  5. pure turbo n54 owner here…love this car but idk if I'd buy again. You must have a good amount of cash on hand and know how to do your own labor for this car to be really reallly great

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