Hot Wheels: Big Turbo & LSD Volkswagen MK6 GTI – One Take

Hot Wheels: Big Turbo & LSD Volkswagen MK6 GTI – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Big Turbo & LSD Volkswagen MK6 GTI – One Take

This Volkswagen GTI is owned by a kind gentleman named Reed, who made our new intro animation for us! It’s got a host of upgrades leading to 360HP through a WaveTrack limited-slip differential and backed up with suspension, wheels, tires, and big brakes.

Parts installed by Pacific German

Revo K04 Turbo Kit
WaveTrack Limited Slip Diff
Revo Stage 3 ECU Upgrade
Revo DSG Stage 2 Upgrade
Neuspeed P-Flo Air Intake
Neuspeed HI-FLO Air Charge Pipe
Neuspeed HI-FLO Turbo Discharge
Neuspeed Engine Torque Arm Insert
Neuspeed FMIC
Neuspeed Factory Intercooler Delete
Neuspeed Power Pulley Kit
Autotech Cat-Back Exhaust System
Autotech Downpipe


Bilstein Coilover Kit
Neuspeed Rear Anti-Sway Bar 28MM
Neuspeed Sport Brake Lines
Neuspeed Slotted Brake Rotors (front/rear)
Stop Tech Brake Pads
H&R Wheel Spacers (12mm)
P3 Cars Digital Vent Gauge

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34 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Big Turbo & LSD Volkswagen MK6 GTI – One Take”

  1. I drive a Mk6 GTI. I usually see 4 or 5 others per week, but last weekend I was parked next to 4 others at my local corporate gym. All 5 Wolfsburgs, all 5 the charcoal gray that VW calls black, all 5 with Detroit wheels, and 4/5 were 5 door models. It was weird.

  2. just got a 2011 mk6 gti autobahn edition and i didnt expect to be fast without mods
    ones put in sport damn it throws you back didnt expect it ahah

  3. Farrah, don't let me be the 1st to tell Ya……It's not b/c of Your Einstein like knowledge (alway's improving), Your "All in" style of driving is Your selling point Big M. Cheer's from $ast-Van B.C., Canada

  4. The Mk7 GTIs produce 305 HP or // 281 WHP and 356 WTQ // with a stage 1 tune. No other mods. Kind of sucks for previous generations as the new Mk7 gets more power gains from a tune. I think the stock sits at like ~221 WHP. Compare this to a stock WRX STI which is 247 WHP and 243 WTQ.

  5. Ahh man I cant wait to go K04 and LSD on my GTI. Just ordered some springs and shocks, I think next step is good summer tires, brakes upgrade, LSD and a DSG Tune, then on to k04. Stage 2 that is on it now really woke the car up over stock, never thought a pedestrian looking hatch could be so much fun!

  6. everyone complaining about the brakes, do not understand the DSG transmission. if you move the gear lever to sport the car will engine brake for you. if you want to shift the car then it just blips the throttle and gives you no engine braking at all. I've attended many autocross and track events and the car is always driven in sport. also pushed my stock brakes well passed 70k miles. I've never really felt brake fatigue. before I knew about this, braking felt like shit. I hope this helps. I hope Matt will give another dsg mk6 or mk7 a try. I've had many car enthusiast drive my car and test it themselves and they will agree 100% with this statement.

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