Hot Wheels: BMW E46 M3 DINAN S2 – One Take

Hot Wheels: BMW E46 M3 DINAN S2 – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: BMW E46 M3 DINAN S2 – One Take

This exceptionally clean BMW E46 M3 was fitted from new with the DINAN S2 Package, which included a new airbox, air meter, muffler and ECU, good for an extra 30 HP. Then they re-engineered the suspension, changing the shocks, springs, camber plates, and swaybars. In 2003, the DINAN S2 package carried a $18,000 premium over the price of a standard M3. This example is clean, with low-miles and a perfect example of late-model tuning house excellence from DINAN.

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