Hot Wheels: BMW F10 M5 Competition Package – One Take

Hot Wheels: BMW F10 M5 Competition Package – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: BMW F10 M5 Competition Package – One Take

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This 2016 BMW M5 with Competition Package is a showroom-stock vehicle that is its owner Kody’s daily ride in Los Angeles. Making a conservative 575-horsepower, the newest M5’s are highway missiles, easily capable of cracking 200 mph and going deep into the triple-digits on even short sections of straightaway.

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45 Replies to “Hot Wheels: BMW F10 M5 Competition Package – One Take”

  1. I couldn’t get a M5 for many reasons, main one was money of course.. so I was able to finance the 2016 535i M Sport package.. pre-owned, but it’s what I was looking for. I’ve always loved BMW since I was a teen.. So being able to get one was a dream come true. In terms of comfort, it’s like I’m sitting in a fighter jet’s cockpit! Everything’s within reach, I’m 6’ foot even about 250 pounds and it’s like I’m floating on a cloud.. it has the sports mode and sports plus, if you wanna feel that thing take off you can switch it to sports mode and use the levers or sift up or down on the stick (no homo) you might want to warm up the bimmer tho, I never push it when it’s not warmed up.. the brakes can honestly be better, but the ride is smooth, comfortable and it’s not the fastest but it does pick up quick for its size and weight. Did I mention that the audio system is amazing? Heated seats, Also very quiet inside the car when you’re out and about.. I get all the Camaro’s and Mustangs, Chargers and all that pull up and give me the revs, but I just keep it going. Just my 2 cents!

  2. Hey everyone, hope someone can help me out here.

    I currently own an E46 M3, which I love with all of my heart. But, I'm thinking I need something more "future/family proof". I know that the 2015 BMW Comp Package is one of the more powerful ones, increased to about 597hp and systems handling a bit more upgraded. Anywho, I'm wondering if there are any major differences between 2014/15/16 models between each other? Is it worth saving the money from a 16 and getting a 14? Keep in mind I'll be selling the E46 to put as down for this M5… Just looking for some input from people who own or have owned or just know more information than me lol.

  3. You are actually wrong with the reason it's 'stiff'. When you sit on Autobahn doing 250km/h (155mph) + you need to stiffen it up to avoid too much bouncing and upsetting the car when changing lanes. For crappy US roads comfort is the way to go …

  4. Hey Matt, f10 m5 or comparable year e63 or cls63 with biturbo. I’m on the fence on whether or not to have the mb 63 with rwd or 4matic. What’s your opinion?

    Currently in a tuned e55 so if I trade up it better be good!

  5. indeed… after now some 35 years of Autobahn thrashing (check my avatar) such vehicles are extreme fun where and when the situations allows. The avatar is my old remapped e34 540i… on the Autobahn, daily. Fantastic fun. Relentless.

  6. Great review man!

    My 2014 550i XDrive is PLENTY powerful to get me into heaploads of trouble – I cannot even imagine the power of this beast! Its actually a good thing I don't have one 🙂

  7. Just picked up a M5 Competition Package with carbon ceramic brakes, performance titanium exhaust with black tips, executive package and lighting package tonight. Love it! It's definitely a rocket! Blue on black. It's a mean monster.

  8. Matt you are and can be quite rude. That being said, I enjoy your videos AND you reinforce the fact that if you work hard enough, any noob can become someone! Thanks!!!!

  9. You never see Matt laugh when reviewing cars. He's generally enthusiastic but maintains a decorum of professionalism but it was clear that he really enjoyed the M5! Great review, sir!

  10. This is the perfect ride that shows how good the M5 is. It is the perfect super car. It feels like it is a planted 70s Trans Am but with speed and real speed. I have the comp package as well and standing still looks like it is scraping the street. I choose the back-roads to work where I can open it a bit and enjoy the ride. In my other vehicles it is the expressway bypass. But the turbos give you power right now and it does not stop. It is one of the few cars you don't feel like getting out and pushing it to make it go faster.

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