Hot Wheels: BMW M235i X-Drive – (Dry Track) One Take

Hot Wheels: BMW M235i X-Drive – (Dry Track) One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: BMW M235i X-Drive – (Dry Track) One Take

It’s not often we get to track test a car in two completely opposite sets of conditions, so I took advantage by giving the BMW M235i XDrive coupe a second go, this time on a dry Gingerman Raceway.

This segment was filmed at the #GRIDLIFE Motorsports Music Festival at Gingerman Raceway! To learn more about #GRIDLIFE or upcoming events visit:

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25 Replies to “Hot Wheels: BMW M235i X-Drive – (Dry Track) One Take”

  1. This is a great video. As an owner of an M Sport 335ix (w/ the factory M power package), this was a good rendition of my experience on a track. Mine was different in several ways, but this is a good summary of what to expect. I ran with an M2, GT350, Rouch-tuned V-6 Mustang, and a Dodge Hellcat. We played out as you can expect…biggest issue for me was tires…stock all-season Pirellis blew up like balloons after 15 laps – prob 130-150 degrees. The M-Sport suspension option did well…and with x-drive, I don't have the adaptive suspension, but I ripped some of my competitors out of the corners with that front wheel pull and rear-wheel torque …of course HP takes over as the straight away ensues. And just for the M3 enthusiasts, I also have one of those, and I absolutely love it for what it is.

  2. hit the turns harder and it'll rotate. the awd system is a little funky but you just have to drive it balls to the wall to get any good feedback from it

  3. Not sure why you call it 'open track session' (2:33 mark) when drivers are giving points and you see other cars with instructors. Looks like your typical beginner DE group.

  4. Which would you buy: 228i M Sport Manual, same car with xdrive and 8 spd auto, M235i Manual, same car with xdrive and auto? After reading Road and Track, as well as driving a base model 228i, I find myself going more towards the 228i. Haven't driven the 6 spd yet and the dealer in Murray, UT doesn't have one to test drive.

  5. Is it nothing but one takes from now on? I was under the impression the one takes were like snacks in between the long form meals. I guess not…

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