Hot Wheels: BMW Z4 SDrive 35i -One Take

Hot Wheels: BMW Z4 SDrive 35i -One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: BMW Z4 SDrive 35i -One Take

Matt takes the BMW Z4 SDrive35i with 6-speed Manual through its paces in a winding tour of Greenwich, CT’s stunning backroads, with a full review in One Take.

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  1. Got the chance to drive one of these with the 7 speed dual clutch for about 15 mins this pst week. It's pretty quick. It's a really nice comfortable car and the dual clutch had great paddle response. I was really impressed. Not a lightweight, but I'd take one if I could afford it.

  2. I have this car and have put 60K on it I use it as an everyday car. I love it. I like feeling my car so driving in Florida its nice to have nimble car thats small and agile cus these idiots cant drive. I could have bought a boxter, but this car is great. the suspension is stiff like my dick for this car and you can do better with the gear box, but still its fun to drive and its actually reliable. If you want a fun road car thats bad ass and wont break down on you no matter how hard you push it I would say this is your car.

  3. All Z4 sDrive 35i and 35is come with the N54 motor not the N55. Pop the hood bro. You should test drive one thats modded and its an entirely different car in its lazy boy stock form

  4. Matt, I ripped you in an earlier comment section. Come to find out, you're a CT boy like myself. When did you leave the state? The Merritt is always a great ride when there isn't any traffic, but let's be real, when isn't there any???

  5. First two cars you see are a Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade. Next is a landscaping truck. Then a BMW tailed by a Mercedes.

    Typical Greenwich…

    For anyone that plans on recreating this drive in their bloated 5 Series (me), Matt drove down Riversville to Porchuck to Roundhill, turning around at St Johns.

  6. Cool that your from CT also Matt, I'm 16 from Avon and only head to Greenwich for the Concours d'Elegance but I might have to take a search for these roads one day. California is probably sweet but a nice New England fall drive with the leaves changed is something special

  7. I'm just glad it's a manual!  Manufacturers really need to realize the manual transmission cannot and should not be phased out. Keep the paddles for business men who want to dish out the extra cash to show off, but ALWAYS maintain an option for a manual.

  8. Enjoyed the video. The new one take format is great, lower costs so more videos. The important part is we get to hear your impressions of the car, I can live without fancy editing.

    I'm not sure how pricing works in the USA for these cars but in the UK the Z4 competes with the SLK and Audi TT. The Porsche is a much more expensive car to buy and run.

  9. The Z4 is the worst 2 seat sports car on the US market.   The Z4 weighs the same as the 3 series.  You hear things rattle when you hit a bump. Worst of all it is not fun.  The Coupe is ok but it is but ugly. The 1 & 2 series are much better driving cars,

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