Hot Wheels: BONUS: 2JZ MUSTANG GT Under the Hood

Hot Wheels: BONUS: 2JZ MUSTANG GT Under the Hood

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: BONUS: 2JZ MUSTANG GT Under the Hood

It’s hard to get to all the details of a build during a One Take, so we shot a bonus video! Owner Stephen explains how he built his amazing, 50-state legal 2JZ-GTE powered Mustang GT, what fit and what didn’t. And don’t forget to watch the review (link below)! (And yes, Zack can’t aim at his own head).

BAR Legal: For anyone not living in CA, CA has special rules regarding engine swaps. You are allowed to swap in an engine from another car as long as it is from the same year as the original engine or newer, and retains it’s OEM emissions equipment. It’s a much simpler process if your car is OBDI than OBDII. **This is a synopsis, so please refer to CA law if you’re thinking about doing this.

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37 Replies to “Hot Wheels: BONUS: 2JZ MUSTANG GT Under the Hood”

  1. Those mountains are beautiful. Great video !! I love the luscious California landscapes. DefinAtely do more scenery videos for now on with car talk in the background. Way to be different….

  2. Definitely a good change to the typical onetake, and still done in one take. I’m sure you’ll get better at framing the more you do it haha. It just means you’re not used to vlogging, which is a good thing.

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