Hot Wheels: Can a big Lexus be fun?

Hot Wheels: Can a big Lexus be fun?

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Can a big Lexus be fun?

Matt takes the Lexus LS460 F-Sport in the one place you’ll probably never see one: the canyons. Time to find out if Lexus’s newest full size luxury car is deserving of its F-Sport badge.

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16 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Can a big Lexus be fun?”

  1. It is so amazing to read all the comments posted in this video on the reliability of Lexus cars and even stick with Lexus for life… this is the brand confidence that Lexus & Toyota have ever established globally.

    Currently, I owed a 2014 RX350, 1997 Prado, 1992 Celica GT4, 1997 Celica GT4 right now. None of them disappointed me till today. So I am going to get 1 LS460L (year 2014) next if I have ever find a good low mileage to keep next.

  2. When i was looking for a new vehicle i wanted something reliable, dual zone climate, very comfortable, fun to drive, and around $20k. I bought a used '13 GS350 AWD with 78k miles, 1 owner, dealer serviced at every interval, brand new pilot sport 3s+ tires, all for only $18,990. I absolutely love it and after 1 week i plan to drive it until the wheels fall off

  3. Just bought a 2008 Lexus LS 460L. This car parks it self. Reminds me of a caddy, Benz, bimmer all in one. Super cool car. Bought it for 9k.

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