Hot Wheels: Can the 2014 Lexus IS350 F Sport catch BMW?

Hot Wheels: Can the 2014 Lexus IS350 F Sport catch BMW?

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Can the 2014 Lexus IS350 F Sport catch BMW?

The Smoking Tire gets a crack at a pre-production example of the all-new 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport. It’s got an aggressive new look and an interior to match, but how does it drive on Southern California’s most technically challenging road? We find out.

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30 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Can the 2014 Lexus IS350 F Sport catch BMW?”

  1. I feel like this front end was atrocious when it first came out, but now, it fits right in with modern styling. You can buy a 2014 and it looks like a design that could have come out today. I have definitely fallen in love with this body style.

  2. If you guys ask Matt to drive you car don't expect him to evidently he'll drive a shity v6 mustang and a shity Impala a fucken Prius and a fucken Honda Insight but when a friend I know asked him to drive his rs sonic he gave a shit response what an ass hole be diverse in the cars you show and drive

  3. And why does everyone try to compare BMW's 3 series to EVERYthing when 1. The bmw will end up sold by 50,000 miles due to too many repairs already (don't believe me? look for used bmws on cargurus, and see allllll the really nice bmw's for like freaking 14 grand with only 35 grand on the odometer; wonder why) and 2. NONE of you are taking corners at freakin 70 so why is everyone thinking "this has too much body roll" becaauuusseee…. you ALWAYS take ALL your corners at 90? No you don't. No one here pushes their daily drivers that hard, and noone buys brand new cars to track because it's stupid. We buy older used cars and mod them to our liking so… yea. For the whole TENTH the bmw's are quicker, that equates to like 10 less mechanic visits I have to do in a Lexus lol. Go ahead, take your 1mm thicker sway bars, and one tenth in the quarter, that's all driver mod anyways lol. I'll take the Lexus any day.

  4. Holy hell man, you gonna shift that car anytime soon, or just keep that bitch in third the ENTIRE review lol. It's a car not a Yamaha R1 lol.

  5. Can I get a free smokingcock t-shirt? Thanks in advance. Btw i have a 2015 is350 f sport and it is really just how you described it. Performance is just enough to have fun with but not get you into trouble. Could it be faster? Yeah and that would be a huge plus. It could sound a little better as well, but other than that there are really no complaints. It is a great car for the money. The only thing better about twin turbo beamers is how easy they are to tune for cheap horsepower, but the m4 sounds like absolute dog shit imo ,and that kills the driving experience for me. I will take less power and worse numbers for a real sounding v8/v10/v12 any day over a twin turbo car with no soul. Just my two cents that no one gives a fuck about.

  6. What most online reviewers don't get is that most viewers/commenters are prepubescent boys with raging hormones that doesn't even have a driver's license yet. In reality, specifications doesn't matter. What makes Lexus great is that it has highest resale value period, unparalleled reliability, low cost of maintenance, outstanding ride, usable gadgets, better value for money, and of course unmatched build quality. I personally own an IS350 and fucking adore it. Not once I thought I need more power at the expense of fuel. I've owned LS400, GS300, IS300, LS430, IS350, RX350 and not one of them EVER broke down, unlike the CL500, 740i, 330Ci, M3, S4, and 530i I had that requires to be a garage whore.

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