Hot Wheels: Chevrolet SS Manual – One Take

Hot Wheels: Chevrolet SS Manual – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Chevrolet SS Manual – One Take

We reviewed the 2014 Chevrolet SS when it was new, itself a virtual copy of the Holden Commodore down in Australia. But it was automatic transmission only. Now, for 2015, the Chevy SS comes with a manual gearbox and magnetic ride suspension. The want is strong.

Check out Jeff’s Chevy SS on Wheelwell!

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24 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Chevrolet SS Manual – One Take”

  1. it has abysmal fuel economy even though the engine is detuned to put out only 415hp. Chevy or GM does not want to spend more money improving it. This was sort of slap together some holden parts with an LS3 motor and some parts sharing with other GM products.

  2. big, clumsy ham-fisted family car, people don't like fuel-guzzling family cars anymore unless they're special and because this has a Chevy badge nobody wants it, quite a shame.

  3. Chevy needed to add a "striped out" version. Minimal options for 15 grand cheaper. No heated and cooled seat, no leather, no sun roof, no HUD, non magnetic suspension, cheaper wheels, non HID lights anddd so on.

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