Hot Wheels: E46 BMW 328ci – One Take

Hot Wheels: E46 BMW 328ci – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: E46 BMW 328ci – One Take

Everyone talks about the E46 M3, but you never hear much about the lowly 328 coupe that, still today, has styling that could be brand new and look good. But how does it drive?

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39 Replies to “Hot Wheels: E46 BMW 328ci – One Take”

  1. I have an E46 235xi 5spd. It needs work like a cv axle, oil filter housing gasket, and a bunch of fluids changed but driving it just puts a smile on my face. Awesome cars.

  2. I'm not sure how BMW did it but when I got my 325i I was really surprised by how quick it felt. It's not fast, but it pulls you along with a certain haste. It's by all means fast enough. Which is strange because it's rated for 180hp (crank I assume) while the '09 Fusion with the i4 I replaced it with was rated for 160. I don't know what BMW did but it feels like way more than just a 20hp bump. Side note: don't by those first gen fusions with the auto 4 cylinder. I've never driven such a soulless machine. It's not that it's too slow (it is) but the car seems like it was overlooked in every single way. And worst of all is the throttle response. The fly by wire in the thing is so fucking bad you'd get stuck in snow on flat ground because you either get 100% of the throttle or none of it, totally independent of what you're doing with your foot, and never consistently it was fucking maddening. My bmw is pretty nice though.

  3. i had this in 2000 in Topaz Blue with Sport package and grey interior. crashed it like a dumbass i was exactly a year to the date of purchase in 2001. after having the c32 for 15 years now i'm back in a 535.

  4. There is a good head unit for the E46… Navigation units that resemble the same one BMW started using in later model e46s.
    All you have to do is relocate the a/c module. They are on ebay for around $350.

  5. I just paid 3000 euros for a 2000 328ci full stock with only 95k miles it's my first car and so far i'm just super super happy with it it's just an amazing car, not super powerful but it has some move to it i love it.

  6. It's not that BMW doesn't make a good car, in fact part of me is tempted to get an E36. But the problem is with BMW owners. Many of them are clueless about their own cars and engineering in general. Or, they're snobby and won't stop spitting numbers out at you (even if they don't know what the numbers mean). Everytime I watch any Youtube video review of a BMW it's a love/hate relationship.

  7. 6-10k is quite optimistic. A 2000 328ci with it's sub-frame issues even if the sub-frame has been re-enforced/repaired only goes for the 3-5k range for a nice low mileage example. Even the later model zhp's hover around the 10 -12k mark on the upper end for a low mileage car. Still a great car though even 15 years later. I have had my e46 for ten years now. Although I have had my share of headaches I still love my car. For $2600 this guy did pretty good.

  8. you can get a aftermarket screen/radio thing (not sure what they're called in english) for the e46 pre and facelift that fits perfectly with bluetooth,nav,radio and all that good stuff, they only problem is they cost like 500 euro a unit

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