Hot Wheels: Exclusive – Interview with SENNA Director Asif Kapadia

Hot Wheels: Exclusive – Interview with SENNA Director Asif Kapadia

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Exclusive – Interview with SENNA Director Asif Kapadia

Director Asif Kapadia stops by The Smoking Tire’s headquarters to chat about his award-winning film, SENNA.

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48 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Exclusive – Interview with SENNA Director Asif Kapadia”

  1. The politics of F1 are still in play with the director not wanting to say that the steering column breaking caused him to die. If you loop the in car footage you can see the wheel get pulled down and out of the frame. Its so frustrating watching people decide between telling the truth and not wanting to step on frank williams toes.

  2. The director is wrong the toleman driven by senna and the Tyrrell driven by Bellof  where NA cars and had an advantege in the wet, Bellof was actually catching senna in that race

  3. i love cars am 20 years old and i plan to get my amateur racing license soon. when i watched SENNA it just made my love of cars that much stronger i feel that racing is my calling..who knows i might make it big one day

  4. @TheSmokingTire So sick with it! That a way to deal with em, straight up. Love the new show, you and adam should just do a solo show, no one cares what the basketball star says, and less then 5% of your viewers are rich so just doing the math here. A man show about smokingtires, lame puns aside you and adam doing a REAL AMERICAN mann'ed (not rich white blonde blue eyed or garganchian basketball star please!) car show. You see motiveDVD show on speed about time attacks?

  5. great stuff….try and get it trough there thick heads….just try and clam them down and do good reviews…..there getting to hiped…Al….thats the car show….

  6. I miss the smokin tire its the best …and the car show : half of the people there dont know what they doing (feelin sorry for u) U should teach them how to do an good review and make the show worth watching

  7. Has there been an official Canadian release date? I searched the website and couldn't find one. I would be disappointed if I had to wait for it to be released on DVD before I could see it.

  8. @Veyronp87 Youtube's data algorithm knows that Formula One owns the original rights to the vintage footage used in this video and blocked it because it was property of Formula One Management. I presented the written release form from the producers of SENNA that I have the right to use the footage, and it was unblocked.

  9. Saw Senna at the Landmark. Asif was there to talk about the film, too. I think he revealed just as much if not more from this Smoking Tire interview about Senna. Great director and documentary. He really did an amazing job of telling the story of Senna's incredible life. Thanks for uploading Matt.

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