Hot Wheels: Ford Shelby GT350 Base – One Take

Hot Wheels: Ford Shelby GT350 Base – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Ford Shelby GT350 Base – One Take

We’ve now tested the Shlby GT350R extensively, and suffice to say, we’re in love with it. But considering the dealer markups and a few inconveniences with driving a track-focused car on the road every day, some viewers have suggested maybe the regular GT350 is the way to go? This is a base model version, and as a road car, it’s simply fantastic.

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38 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Ford Shelby GT350 Base – One Take”

  1. The only thing the base car gives you is the motor. If you buy a GT350, you really don't want the base w/o the proper suspension and coolers to take it on the track! Unless you are purely a cruiser, and then you're really missing the whole point of a GT350.

  2. The 350 2017/2018 is the same car as the "R"
    From ford for 7-8k more its a great package but for 20-30K markup it is not.
    There are only small differences between a 2017 350 and the r. The wheels, tires, spoiler, red stitching, rear seat delete, and badging, otherwise identical car.

  3. Avalanche Grey is the best color…lead foot grey second best color. Nothing else compares. Non track packs go into limp mode though.

  4. I’ll piss on that gt350 with my 800hp hellcat! But don’t get me wrong if I had the money I’ll love to own a gt350 too ,the hellcat is a boat and if anyone try’s to say it isn’t the they must not own one!!!

  5. Ok Matt I know this is an old video, but I'm going to be in the market soon for one of these beasts. I'm looking at this of course. The Z/28, the 1LE, and the ZL1…2016… I know you're a Ford guy but which would be in your garage??

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