Hot Wheels: High-Mile & Daily Driven Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale – One Take

Hot Wheels: High-Mile & Daily Driven Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: High-Mile & Daily Driven Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale – One Take

Today we head over to the UK, near Windsor, to visit an interesting chap with an interesting daily driver. Scott Chivers wanted a 360 Challenge Stradale in the worst way, at precisely the wrong time – when he bought this car, the Challenge Stradale was more than double the price of a standard 360 F1. Fancying himself a tinkerer, Scott bought every single part you’d need in order to turn a 360 Modena into a CS, and converted the car himself. With the exception of the VIN number, there is no way to tell the car wasn’t born as a CS, as literally every single part is correct. In order to do this, he spent over $130,000 on parts, which, in today’s market, seems silly. Nevertheless, Scott has put over 70,000 miles on his Stradale, daily driving it for the better part of a decade, and absolutely beating the shit out of it in the process. The sound alone is worth it.

Note: in this video, the car exhibits a strange behavior from the rear end alignment. A subsequent inspection revealed a VERY bad Left Rear wheel bearing, which has since been repaired.

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36 Replies to “Hot Wheels: High-Mile & Daily Driven Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale – One Take”

  1. Under 7500/8000 revs the upshifts are “slow” but passed those revs the up shifts are fast. That f1 gearbox is designed to hit the limiter every time. If you get to ride a 360 again please have a play with changing very very very late and you’ll notice a huge difference. It’s fast and jerky as hell.

  2. Has much people treat Ferrari's like garage queen's, you got to remember Enzo Ferrari built them to be raced and properly driven, so i bet the old man is with a big smile in his face watching this vid wherever he is !!

  3. It's just the pure raw sound of it's…the downshifting noise is orgasmic, unbelievable… New supercars and hypercars could learn alots, its not all about horsepower and how expensive the car is.. it's the way it makes you feel and drive, the experience to. The newer cars seem to be just going in a direction were tomorrow there will be a new one, then afew months later another one (were people will already have forgotten the previous one) the cars don't age any more !!! Compared to something like this omg !!!

  4. Wait hold on mate so you spend 151 grand putting that car together. You can pick up a brand new Ferrari California from the Ferrari dealership right now for 143 grand.

  5. Great thing for a Ferrari to be driven like it was supposed to and especially daily driven! I would easily have kept the Scuderia inrtead though.

  6. This imo in the best looking, best steering (when there are no alignment or suspension issues) Ferrari of all time. When it comes to sound it only comes second to the v12 in the f12.

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