Hot Wheels: Honda Fit Sport Review

Hot Wheels: Honda Fit Sport Review

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Honda Fit Sport Review

The Smoking Tire heads out to Adams Motorsports Park with the gold standard of small cars: The Honda Fit. We analyze the name literally: How much will it fit? and How Sporty is it?

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  1. I have almost the same model. (Same color, but no nav, and an automatic with optional flappy paddle) It's my first car and I absolutely adore it. I haven't driven too many cars besides it, but nothing I've driven has been so fun, sporty, and responsive. I never run out of space with luggage, and my friends always compliment the seating, despite the size of the car. (Seriously, this thing is tiny. It looks mid-sized in the video, but this car is really small.) It literally "fits" people inside, and "fits" into any reasonable parking situation you need. It's got 185,000+ miles on it, but I can't detect a hint of aging. I am in no rush to get rid of my first car. Absolutely love it.

  2. I've driven both the Fiesta and the Fit from the year range he's referring to and I've got to… utterly disagree about Ford having a "nicer" interior. The build quality with the Honda is not only incomparably better for the interior but for the whole car in general. The fiesta's interior quality struck me as decent but the ergonomics are just not in the same world and the padding on the upper part of the seat was ridiculously thin. I could feel the seat frame rubbing the top part of my back.

  3. I get 36-40 mpg. But have gotten as high as 47. Wish he woulda touched on the rear seats folding up as well as down. Also yeah 1.5L not 1.6L, but really, at that point does it matter?

  4. Woaw a positive review of a honda car.
    dont see that alot here in europe.
    here only german cars get positive reviews -_-
    i want the real deal.
    i owned alot of cars in my history and yet, honda's never let me down.
    in general my subaru and EVO also never let me down ^w^

    this jazz is also a VERY reliable car.
    cant complain on that.

  5. Go go fiiit Rangers I ❤️fit I meAn such a low price only 19,000 k my dads car is twice as much and also great driving when I am 16 I am getting a Honda fiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  6. I drive in a small town. I also drive highways. Both speedy city and laid back country .I average 37 Mpg. Wow and has cargo space. for shopping and put back seats down for people. I can haul 4 people for short 150 mile trips ! very dependable.And fun to drive Auto. I love Honda . This car is sooo much fun!Very dependable!

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