Hot Wheels: How good is a Supercharged Lamborghini Gallardo?

Hot Wheels: How good is a Supercharged Lamborghini Gallardo?

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: How good is a Supercharged Lamborghini Gallardo?

The Smoking Tire finds the best driving road in California and the best car we’ve ever driven to tackle it: VF Engineering’s all new Supercharged Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. With 760HP and 600 lb/ft of torque going through all 4 wheels, this car redefines fast.

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24 Replies to “Hot Wheels: How good is a Supercharged Lamborghini Gallardo?”

  1. lambaass is taking control lets do the lambo again.. its a twist to the left and a junt to the right…with a hand on the wheel and a hand on your heart. "it feels liek victory or a fighter plane sans wings" Forenza ya l8tr

  2. Underground twin turbo kit for a 2008 Lamoborghini is like $70,000 not installed. The car only costs $80,000 now so not bad if you choose an older Lamborghini instead of a newer and install that shit.

  3. @5:10 I can imagine. If I had the money, I'd be the twin-turbo guy, who just feels normal after getting high, but would be really scared when I feel low by the coast. On top of Pikes Peak there is 43% less oxygen, so that's about how much less power N/A's will make. Turbos make as much boost as at sea level, just take longer to spool. Super chargers because of the fixed pulley size loose boost up there, but still have some.

  4. Смотреть на это из России то-же самое, как 14-летнему мальчику разглядывать Плейбой – далеко, красиво, и недоступно в ближайщие сто лет.

  5. It's funny how people act like Lamborghini is a millionaire's car. You can go get a used Gallardo right now for $75k. If you make payments then you will end up spending around 2k a month. Not that bad really. Add the super charger kit he haas in the video and your looking at around $100k for the dream car of dream cars.

  6. I never like Lamborghini or any super car the fact its beyond reach so i dont care about it. But the Lamborghini is an exception. Its not the fact its fast, its the fact its one of the most beautiful car.

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