Hot Wheels: How To Drive a Manual Transmission – Part 1: The Very Basics

Hot Wheels: How To Drive a Manual Transmission – Part 1: The Very Basics

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: How To Drive a Manual Transmission – Part 1: The Very Basics

So you’ve seen all those cool kids and the guys in the Fast and The Furious and that Ayrton Senna video and you’re thinking, “I want to learn how to drive a stick!” This is the video for you. This video will show you the very basics about driving a manual transmission, and subsequent videos in the series will go further in depth with performance driving.

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36 Replies to “Hot Wheels: How To Drive a Manual Transmission – Part 1: The Very Basics”

  1. I am an Automotive Trades Professor out of a College in Toronto Canada. I am teaching Manual Gearboxes to a class where a large portion has never sat in car with a manual gearbox. I can not legally teach them how to drive so thanks for this video Matt!! Super helpful.

  2. wow! now I know how much manual transmission doesn't worth it.
    My dad said few years ago that manual transmission are like a black and white TV, now I know he was right.
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Is it true that Americans changed to automatic when gear number exceeded 3?
    Is it due to the serious lack of ability to count correctly in numbers higher than 3?
    Are all Americans obese?

  4. Even though I learned to drive a manual transmission car many years ago I had to watch the video…..lots of good tips. But with this vehicle a first time driver of a manual car doesn't really know what it's like to stall trying to start off in first gear. With this car you don't have to worry about going into 'first gear' without stalling. I enjoyed this demonstration but you should have used a different vehicle. Nothing like being at a dead stop at a red light, tons of traffic behind you and the FEAR of having to go into first gear and not stall out!!! Yeeesh…….just thinking of that experience many years ago makes me cringe!!!!

  5. If you try this in belgian and go for you license you wont get it , its not smooth enough if if you drive that long in second gear ,americans should stick to automatic ,they cant drive manualy im sorry

  6. The first thing I was thinking is why is he sitting in such a shitty driving position, then he said he was in the Focus RS, no wonder. His head looks like it’s going to shoot through the roof.

  7. why when most people stopping a manual vehicle they dont gear down meaning while they mashing breaks they wait untile the vehicle stoped then put it back in one gear?

  8. When I slow down or getting ready to stop I put it in neutral and then put it back in first when I take off again am I doing it wrong. Because that's how my mom drove her car she had a 2004 Honda Accord manual transmission. She taught me how to drive it and down shifting is so easy. And now I got a 2007 Ford Taurus and it is an automatic they don't make in manuals anymore but I love my Taurus its a smooth driving car☺☺☺☺☺

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