Hot Wheels: How to Fix the Ride on a Focus RS + MOUNTUNE 100 Octane Test – One Take

Hot Wheels: How to Fix the Ride on a Focus RS + MOUNTUNE 100 Octane Test – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: How to Fix the Ride on a Focus RS + MOUNTUNE 100 Octane Test – One Take

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In this video, Matt has FINALLY fixed the awful ride on the 2016 Focus RS Long Termer (aka 3/36 Lease). A set of KW DDC adaptive coil-over shocks fixes the RS’s notorious “bounciness,” while a set of 18″ Integrale-style wheels from Fifteen52 (down an inch from 19″ stock) take all the hard edges off potholes and cracks in the road. In addition, MOUNTUNE has installed their monster 100-octane tune, good for 385 WHP and more than 450 lb/ft of torque at the wheels. The car feels crazy fast now.

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19 Replies to “Hot Wheels: How to Fix the Ride on a Focus RS + MOUNTUNE 100 Octane Test – One Take”

  1. WHOOPS! Hey guys obviously I left my little re-take there in the video. My bad. We all have some fuck-ups but I'm just gonna leave it as a little bit of a reality moment. Hope my Mustang goes to a new home!

  2. After watching this video & listen to Matt talking about the ride quality from the factory, I've decided to pass on the Focus RS. Sure, I love the way it looks, but it's not going to be a good daily driver for me & it will nickel & dime me to death. I think a newer model Focus ST is the way to go & a low mileage ST sells for much less, around 16-18K vs. the 35K price tag of a used RS.

  3. I hope your engine never fails… would seriously not be tuning this car if i owned one. Engines already way over tuned as it it. Such a poor engine design, surprised people still buy these. No surprise Ford has stopped making them (admission of failure). I've driven it and yeah it's amazing but the chance of head gasket failure, it will never be the same if it goes.

  4. Dude. wtf u talking about? "Cheap suspension"? Are you high? Did you even drive the car or wtf? The suspension is ON POINT, especially through a tight bend, on the edge of grip, it is AMAZING. Even as a daily driver, the suspension is hard, but very forgiving. Stop being a little bitch and enjoy a SPORTS CAR suspension. All that KW shit does nothing for either comfort or sports handling; just ruins a well thought out vehicle from the factory.

  5. After reading your article on Road & Tracks's website, it seems I made the right decision in buying a Focus ST rather than the RS. After retiring, I wanted to get a "useful toy," that is, a practical car that's a hoot to drive and has room for my three grandsons so I can properly introduce them to Car Culture, and maybe take in a track day once or twice a year. I had test-sat in an ST at a car show and realized the Recaros were going to be painful, so I was disappointed when the RS came with ONLY the Recaros. I was kinda sorta leaning toward the GTi/Golf R or the WRX when the local Ford dealer helped make up my mind for me. They are the largest truck dealer in Washington state, and the sales staff were tired of tripping over the 4 ST's Ford made them take. They were advertising them for less than $20K. About the same time, Ford announced the end of Ford cars (except the Mustang). As a result I bought a 2018 Focus ST base ST1 package for 5 bucks shy of $24K out the door, including an extended warranty. Everything you said about the Fiesta ST seems to be, from my perspective, in the Focus ST. It is still well equipped with everything an old retired engineer needs, including seats that are comfy for my butt. Everything in the ST2 and ST3 packages just add weight, cost and complexity, things an aerospace engineer hates, and don't make the car any faster. Compared to the price of the RS, I have enough coin left over for a set of track-only wheels and tires. And lodging at Willow or Thunderhill, etc. Win-win. "Honey, the toothpaste is almost half gone. Maybe I'd better run into town to get some more….."

  6. Matt, Just curious, have you had any signs of the coolant loss/ head failure issues? I have the 2014 Fiesta st sitting in the driveway because of a bad input shaft bearing, and now I received a recall notice for the head issue. The recall involves putting a coolant level sensor in the overflow tank. Talk about a band aid on a broken arm.

  7. The RS Focus MK3 are blowing head gaskets i would never buy one its a load of crap its a cheap fix from ford and out of warranty will be a nightmare

  8. personally, I think 17" are the best size, even for racing.
    Tires are made out of rubber for a reason or we would all be riding around on metal plates, right?

  9. Matt are you getting old lol I know the ride is rough but going down a wheel size? No shit my grandpa was talking to us about how he’s upset the Escalade doesn’t come with 18’s anymore at the dealerships hahahaha just giving you a hard time I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

  10. Threw a set of TSW forged wheels on my '15 Focus SE 5spd. I could have gone with 18" but decided 17" were more street compliant. The stock suspension wasn't set up for 18" in the sedan anyway. ST would feel fine with 18's. 235/45 is what I went with, wheel offset was just perfect to move the tires out perfectly flush. Stance is so much better. The cost of running 18's in the forged wheel and tires, same width and offset, was significantly more and there wouldn't have been nearly the weight savings. Overall, kept the 16's for winter tires and with the summer rubber and wheels, dropped 7 pounds of weight off each corner.

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