Hot Wheels: Hybrid Turbo & Full Suspension Fiesta ST – One Take

Hot Wheels: Hybrid Turbo & Full Suspension Fiesta ST – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Hybrid Turbo & Full Suspension Fiesta ST – One Take

This Fiesta ST, despite its in-your-face Ken Block looks, is the most well balanced and fun to drive Fiesta ST’s we’ve seen It balances big power with a finely tuned coilover suspension, the right tires, and the right exhaust, to bring the whole package together really nicely.

Check out the whole build sheet at Wheelwell!

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28 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Hybrid Turbo & Full Suspension Fiesta ST – One Take”

  1. so would bilstein b14's and swift springs with the pierce rear beam brace and all front braces be ideal as a budget solution to kpro's or feal 441s?

  2. I wan too run the KW V3 coilover setup on my 2017 fist ,,,,was the comfort as good as you say it was, because i think the stock setup dose not handle the bumps well

  3. Makes me want to go drive my fiesta ST with 350whp 🙂

    Tried to talk Matt into installing a hybrid on their car like 3 years ago on the forum when they claimed “242whp” on the stock turbo which… btw…. no one has come even remotely close to at all since lol. Race gas or rocket fuel, the stock turbo is done at 195-205whp. Nearly 5 years in fiesta ST and I STILL LOVE IT.

  4. I'm still trying to figure out what tire size to get on mine. Going with swift springs (1" drop) on stock wheels… debating stock tire size or 205/45.

  5. This might be old news now but as a new 2017 FiST owner, I sure would like Daniel to post his build sheet. This is another great video by Matt with almost 140,000 views. Sure this channel is entertaining, but it also serves as a source of great information for enthusiasts. That is, of course, if the car owners share information. Matt–is there anyway you can get specific information about the suspension mods on this Fiesta? As much as you liked it, it sure would be nice to know what Daniel is running.

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