Hot Wheels: Jaguar F-Type Coupe V6S Manual Gearbox – One Take

Hot Wheels: Jaguar F-Type Coupe V6S Manual Gearbox – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Jaguar F-Type Coupe V6S Manual Gearbox – One Take

“The F-Type would be better with a stick.” – All you people for the last 2 years.

Now we will finally find out what the stunning Jaguar F-Type is like to drive when you get to row your own gears! Matt takes the new 2016 V6S Manual Coupe on a blast through rural wooded Pennsylvania.

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47 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Jaguar F-Type Coupe V6S Manual Gearbox – One Take”

  1. I would love to get this, but living in DC and likely going to San Diego next I just dont want to deal with a manual in traffic. If I lived in the country then absolutely, but the fun you have on country roads becomes work in the city.

  2. Matt, you must like this model, seeing as it's your third Smoking Tire episode devoted to the F-Type. The coupe version you drive here is prettier but I'd prefer a roadster because a drop top is more in the British sports car tradition. All the other specs for the car you’re driving — supercharged V6, RWD, 6-speed manual — seem optimal.

    In Jaguar's design language going back the to the D-Type, this car's “fuselage” approach results in too tight an interior for a guy your size. But at 5’10” 170 lb. it would fit me fine. Your brief drive informs me the car has more than adequate real world power, and it communicates well with the driver thanks to good feedback through the steering, and smooth shifting via the 6-speed manual ZF transmission.

    Back in my 20s I owned an E-Type so am aware of the vices as well as the virtues of that classic. This V6/manual version of the F-Type seems a worthy successor, and I salute Jaguar for offering the correct configuration, while no doubt aware they will never recover their development costs. This is the one the motor heads will want and there aren’t many car buffs in the younger generation. But for a savvy buyer, I predict this car will become a collector's item and an excellent long term investment.

    I’m an old motor head now and drive an earlier XJR. To me, the car Matt's driving is in the finest Jaguar tradition. It's beautiful, real-world fast, and something you can live with day to day. It’s the most appealing of the new generation of Jags, and one of the very few modern examples of the traditional sports car.

    The Brits have their own approach to the sports car and this model seems faithful to it. In terms of desirability it holds its own against anything offered by the Germans and the Italians. I applaud Ratan Tata of Tata Group who rescued Jaguar and Land Rover from near bankruptcy a decade ago and invested billions in the long-term resurrection of these brands.

    Tata's investment saved some 14,000 jobs in Britain. Management, design, engineering and manufacturing remain all-British — and current models like this one show Tata's gamble is paying off. The newly introduced all-electric Jag SUV Is a hit with the critics, and rumor has it that the upcoming electric full-sized XJ sedan is going to be be spectacular.

    With a future expected to be dominated by self-driving electric plastic pods, we can only be encouraged by the comeback of a manufacturer of driver's cars in every sense of the term.

  3. Matt…what a fucking slob! Drinking and spilling coffee in car that is not even yours…might as well eat a burger in it while your at it! Nobody eat or drinks in my car including myself…for the very reasons shown in the video. Why would you even bring a coffee with you doing a test drive…especially in a car that has a standard transmission…when are you going to have time to drink it?

  4. I really want to know what they did to the exhaust to make it sound so good, better than any aftermarket exhaust maker. Sounds really good, more musical than like chewbacca

  5. How did I miss this video!?!?!?!?! This car is a pretty serious contender for me in the near future, it is my personal favorite spec for the F-type. Now back to the video, I hope he liked it lol….

  6. do not buy manaual for this car. this car has horrible clutch that slips like crazy from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. O recently bought this car and have problem with clutch…. and according to Jaguar said it is normal if you shift fast…. worst mt car u can buy….

  7. jaguars are nice, they have really improved on their bland designs. + it seems like a true enthousiast car, an expensive one that is lol

  8. in my Mk6 GLI I have to mash the hell out of the pedal for downshifts, sometimes almost pedal to the floor, my E90 328i wasn't nearly as bad, but I'm surprised that a supercharged V6 doesn't take some decent throttle to rev match.

  9. yep i was waiting for that clutch ride. every video ive seen of anyone driving this car did the exact same thing, but I do commend you for going so long before doing it.

  10. I love the way you guys are educating Americans about European cars especially the uniqueness of the British makers. Sadly ignorance abounds in the UK too, and like all great Petrol-head love affairs, it's a two way thing! I've been trumpeting the superb CTS-V and Fabulous Mustang GT's, we're just beginning to see in the UK! BTW. You guys blow Top Gear out of the water, (oh, erm, no! That's a bit of a low bar to set now!)

  11. All the way from New Zealand – I would like to say big ups for the AB shirt!! 🙂
    Also – I am looking at getting an F-Type…still deciding V6 or V8 though.

  12. I do not understand this configuration of the car being the only one that gets a manual. Jaguar just know ~almost nobody is going to buy a V8 R with a manual.

  13. Good thing I can't afford one, cause I really really want the manual and RWD, and even those centered tailpipes on the V8 version, for the gnarly exhaust note alone

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