Hot Wheels: Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 SuperTrofeo – (Track) One Take

Hot Wheels: Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 SuperTrofeo – (Track) One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 SuperTrofeo – (Track) One Take

The Lamborghini Huracan SuperTrofeo is the factory-built, racing version of the standard Huracan road car. It is approximately 300 lbs lighter than the roadgoing Huracan, with a sequential racing gearbox and a MOTEC engine management system sending 602 HP to the rear wheels only. Of course, the car is fully caged, has lexan windows, and slick tires.

Unless you want to enter the series, or have a VERY nice friend, Dream Racing in Las Vegas is the ONLY place YOU can actually drive a Huracan SuperTrofeo on the track! I did it, so can you! Check out:

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  1. Hi Matt, I decided to disable my adblock for all of youtube because I want to support channels like this. Hopefully we can get you some ad revenue that you deserve. Keep it up, please!

  2. I remember reading writer's description of the Mario Andretti 2 seater CART car as basically a full power or full braking experience and that it kind of made him sick. Now I get it.

  3. a couple of week ago i was in vegas and took out the Ferrari 458 GT3 and this car for 5 laps each. This package cost is U$1,198. I may have had the same instructor as in this video. It was an amazing experience. The sound for both cars was insane. very loud and fierce. every sense you have will go into overdrive It takes a minute to get used to the set up. You are really strapped into the seat and can't move your head much due to the roll cage bars above. The Huracan's front window is very narrow. The first lap or two, you don't know where you are in the track. All you are thinking is that you don't screw up. The instructor is required, but he's pushing you, not trying to slow you down. If the instructor was optional, I would have paid extra for him, otherwise i would have been going around the track at 30 MPH. The Huracan felt much faster. Both were extremely responsive, almost like the cars knew what i was going to do. I have a paddle shifter in my Mustang which seems very laggy now. Strangely, the experience is much closer to driving a fast go cart than a regular car. I think top speed was in the 150MPH range down the straightaway. For several minutes after finishing, my hands were shaking a bit. Don't know if it was from the vibrations or adrenaline. Don't worry if you crash in the simulator, like I did. This part of the experience must be an insurance requirement. It's nothing like driving the real car.

  4. instructor ruined the video for me, wanted him to shut uop so bad that I finally had to bail on a vid I would otherwise have loved. I know the instruction is needed, etc, but buddy…. STFU fer minute will you….

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