Hot Wheels: Lexus SC300 5-Speed – One Take

Hot Wheels: Lexus SC300 5-Speed – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Lexus SC300 5-Speed – One Take

The Lexus SC300 and SC400 absolutely dominated the luxury coupe market in the early 1990’s. They were comfortable, refined, and absolutely bulletproof, as were all Lexus’s of the period. Sharing a platform with the Toyota Supra, today, the SC300 is a tuner’s dream. This example is extraordinarily rare for two reasons: 1) It has a 5-speed manual from the factory, and 2) It’s stock.

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45 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Lexus SC300 5-Speed – One Take”

  1. I own a 94 SC300 and I've had quite a few come up and ask how much I want for it. My answer has always been the same…"Not for sale, sorry." They are great cars and as someone else said, many don't believe it's a '94.

  2. That era SC 300 and 400 were amazing…..loved the 400 with the 8…..but would totally daily 300 with a manual tranny….. Lexus set the standard….and is still raising the bar….but too much tech brings it VERY close to that 100k mark…:(….and WTF with that new grille..ick …though the new coupe gives me some wood tbh 🙂

  3. 2jz-ge with a stock w58 trans best set-up is a new head gasket and bigger injectors and you can turbo this guy on the cheap. then you can add a r154trans then you got a 2jz-GE N/A-T

  4. so its not 100% mechanically stock. Intake and exhaust are aftermarket performance mods, you also have a steering wheel from another vehicle all together. This car is 95% stock. Stock means 100% stock. I don't even consider my car stock because I use Bosch wipers as opposed to OEM wiper insert replacements

  5. I love how Matt is telling the owner how people convert their SC300's to "Supras", like the dude doesnt know that already haha.. Then proceeds to ask if its a 1JZ! I was cringing at the noob'ness!

  6. Funny thing about the SC is a lot of people buy it to make into a supra and get sticker shocked when they learn about the cost of parts and that old parts very rarely lose value. In other words these cars need a stubborn individual to make them what they want.

  7. The SC along with the Acura Legend coupe set the trend for the best-looking coupes in the 90's. To this day these cars are more of an eye candy than a lot of new cars on the market.

  8. these cars are cheap here in Australia coming in v8 or v6 an twin turbo 6 also have a 6 cap main which allows this engine to just be punished etc designed race engine

  9. I have a sc300 1992 has 73000miles in Canada Saskatchewan. car is in original shape and no dents no rust no cracks chips. the first owner was doctor and drove maybe a 4,000 to 5000 miles a year. kept it in garage never driven in winter. great condition. I'm selling because I have now two cars. I need a only one. contact if any one is interested in buying.

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