Hot Wheels: Matt Learns How to Drift!

Hot Wheels: Matt Learns How to Drift!

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Matt Learns How to Drift!

The Smoking Tire heads out to the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving for a full day of private drifting lessons from Formula Drift newcomer Corey Hosford. Can Matt learn how to drift like a pro in just one day? We’ll see.

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28 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Matt Learns How to Drift!”

  1. I like to Lift.

    Come in 5-10mph too hot, turn in hard(shifting the weight), and simultaneously lift off the pedal. Rest of the work is just balancing.

    .A welded diff might help. Head to a salvage yard and pick up an extra diff, and have it welded by someone that ISN'T a fuckup.

    The drift bible will help…But TBH…The best way to learn, is to do the d@mn thing. Find a completely clear lot near home(Because you WILL break sh!t), cheap tires, and figure it out.


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