Hot Wheels: Matt’s Focus RS Gets Mountune B3 Upgrades + Exhaust! – One Take

Hot Wheels: Matt’s Focus RS Gets Mountune B3 Upgrades + Exhaust! – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Matt’s Focus RS Gets Mountune B3 Upgrades + Exhaust! – One Take

I’ve decided to keep my Focus RS rather than sell it, and therefore we must make it faster. So we went down to Mountune USA and had some upgrades installed! The car showed gains of 26 WHP and 91 WTQ on the World Motorsports Wind Tunnel Dyno. I was then joined by Sam from Seen Through Glass for my first blast through the canyons after the tune.

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All parts installed on the car are listed below with links. Buy them for yourself at:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Magnaflow and Mountune USA provided these parts and installation to me at no cost in exchange for making this video.

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40 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Matt’s Focus RS Gets Mountune B3 Upgrades + Exhaust! – One Take”

  1. Great video – as always, Matt & congrats on the gains! I noticed the driveline to 2 wheels were disconnected during the dyno pulls. Would this not skew the numbers – making them significantly higher than putting power to all 4 wheels, though???

  2. Why were you thinking of selling the RS? They are pretty bad ass. I have one of the first ST's to come to CO, and only wish the RS would have been available at the time (they lied when they said NO RS in the US). I love my ST, but the RS is very appealing with the AWD…the ST's problem (for me) is traction…I just roast the tires with the added power. well, they (Ford) have acknowledged the gasket problem and are fixing them, so the RS is back on the plate for me. However I am not going to pay that stupid price for one. I'm waiting for somebody to trade in one and score a used one for a more reasonable price. Local Ford dealer wants $38999.00 for a 2017 and they think thats a good deal! Shit, I can get Shelby Cobra for that!

  3. Dude! with the popularity of ur channel, How is it that there arent Cops setup on these roads with speed traps waiting to catch you as you go zooming by at 120mph? Any of us would love to drive like that but man, i wouldnt dare do it where i live, especially repeatedly like you do, the cops would be in waiting and Bamm!how do you get away with it bro?????

  4. Ford dealer had no clue about Mountune products. I only see Focus ST. Can anyone help me understand if I have to do the install at the dealer to maintain my warranty?

  5. There's a remap for the esc to compensate for the extra power you tuner should have added this there is a revised traction control map too it really comes alive with this. FIND A GOOD FORD TUNER THESE CARS ARE FRAGILE AND YOUR SHIT TUNER WILL KILL YOUR CAR!

  6. Doesn’t ford us honour warranties for Mountune mods? I know on the UK they do if you only do MT mods. Get the head gasket changed ASAP if your keeping as ford have a new one that should help it not blow me he head gasket and in some cases hydro lock.

  7. You seemed pretty happy with it in the previous video on the canyon road after you just recently got it. What happened?

  8. That before and after curve is juicy. Ordering my RS this weekend, the mountune go faster bits are definitely gonna be the first items on the menu.

  9. seen through glass…..basically the stupid rich dude….. who gets to be in these videos….because he is rich and gets nice cars…. but knows nothing really about driving and car…. wish i was rich 🙁

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