Hot Wheels: McLaren 600 LT Coupe – One Take

Hot Wheels: McLaren 600 LT Coupe – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: McLaren 600 LT Coupe – One Take

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The McLaren 600LT is the angriest, most aggressive McLaren I’ve driven before. It’s extremely light, under 3,100 LBS even with optional AC and Radio, very loud with its top-mount exhausts, and sends vibrations through your whole body. But it reeks of motorsport, goes like a cannonshot, and is one of the sharpest scalpels available at any price.

Want more air? More racetrack? Check out Matt’s review of the 600LT Spider on track here!:
McLaren provided the vehicle, a tank of fuel, and insurance for this review.

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37 Replies to “Hot Wheels: McLaren 600 LT Coupe – One Take”

  1. Awesome! I would still prefer the 570GT, I will get more than 7/8 of this cars performance with the added comfort when I need it. Congratulations, welcome to the club.

  2. McLaren so full of hype no ring times just same cars boosted more few changes that never add up just bragging rights which means nothing only in rich coffe shop

  3. The 600LT is the scalpel of knives, focused n' pure in purpose. The 720S is the utility knife, the Leatherman's Tool if you will of supercars – suitable for many occasions & rarely leaving you wanting regardless of the situation.

  4. The 600LT is more visceral, it's a more raw car. Check out Parker's channel vehicle virgins. The 600LT with a roof scoop is absolutely insane, iits like there's a dragon in the engine bay, it sounds amazing.

  5. Sorry man but this is a pretty shitty 600lt review. "the 600lt is a good car but the 720 is way better" you can compare every car to another car that has features you like better, that's not a fair review of what the car your reviewing has to offer

  6. Congrats on the marriage! I'm about to celebrate my 5 year.. A great wife sees you bought a new car and smiles and doesn't harass.. Or when she sees car parts on your doorstep.. I'd take a senna, followed by the P1 then the 600lt.. Run a mb dealer so I'll have to stick with driving amg's

  7. "I'm no longer going to do anymore one takes. Actually, Zach go ahead and knock out that Toyota Tacoma I'll bite the bullet and do the McLaren 600 LT Coupe" – Matt

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