Hot Wheels: Mike Musto's Jeep Grand Wagoneer – One Take

Hot Wheels: Mike Musto's Jeep Grand Wagoneer – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Mike Musto's Jeep Grand Wagoneer – One Take

*Watch for the Easter egg at the end*
In 1962 Jeep debuted the first luxury SUV: The Wagoneer. They were popular then and they’re beloved now. But how do they drive?

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22 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Mike Musto's Jeep Grand Wagoneer – One Take”

  1. Gorgeous Jeep. I have a project 1969 Wagoneer I’m working on.

    Mike, if you want to trade your electric window regulator for my manual one, get in touch!

  2. Holy Crap!! I watched them restore this wagoneer! I work in Bellmore and I drove by it everyday and saw the progress here and there when it was outside the shop. It took the better part of a year, if not longer. They stripped it allllll the way down.

  3. When new they were pricey and not very popular,mostly popular around lake and beach communities.Also about 10 mpg,not good even when gas was 1.00/gallon.

  4. had 66-67-68 wagoneers then 65 j4000 my last one was 76 Cherokee chief s all were great didn't like the later yrs to much plastic took over

  5. Amc marketed it to outdoorsman for many years. Then AMC did a survey to see who was actually buying them. They were shocked that most of the people buying them were rich people. It not uncommon to find a Grand Wagoneer parked in a garage next to a Porsche or a Jaguar. Rich people bought them as 2nd cars, usually as winter drivers. So that’s when AMC started to make them more up market and luxurious.

  6. They continued to use lots of that switch gear in other Jeeps. My 95 XJ Cherokee has those same window switches in a differnt layout. The HVAC system uses the same panel, the rearwiper and defroster and what not had those same rocker switches.

  7. The kid is so clueless gawd Thank fudge and no surprise Mike Musto gets it and knows why his Grand Wagoneer is special.
    89-91 Had way better quality control and things like overhead console with compass(Sames as Chrysler minivans) etc etc
    The AMC 360 is a great engine that you can easily get 300hp 350ftlb out of. Kids these days do not really learn how to drive lol

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