Hot Wheels: Modded R56 Mini Cooper S – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modded R56 Mini Cooper S – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modded R56 Mini Cooper S – One Take

Matt runs a section of the Angeles Crest Highway in a lightly modified 2008 Mini Cooper S.

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47 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modded R56 Mini Cooper S – One Take”

  1. Owner of 2 r56s, traded in a 90k mile for a 36k mile, they absolutely fall apart and rattle. Even the 36k (now around 38k), already getting creaks and rattles inside. Love these cars to death tho so much fun even at the non-S level

  2. Holy shit, this is your 256th one take!

    So I feel like a lot of us have whitelisted you, hopefully making you some extra cash. If its working out for you maybe you can reward us with an HD masterpiece with some cinematography chucked in there one day?

    From a grateful kiwi 🙂

  3. I sold my 03 Cooper S with 50k miles for 5500 about a year ago in the US. It was a great car in good shape no rattles. So sad…

    Yes I hate that they are getting bigger! I say that they will be making a new mini mini to get back to the smaller car.

    Whats even more crazy is that in Japan they start at 35k, and I see them quite often and they have 4 doors. (Japanese equivalent not exchange rate)

    To put it in perspective you can get a Honda crossover hybrid for 27k here. Still I see more Minis than the Honda. lol

  4. Had mine (R57) since April and love it except for one thing. With 18 nch rims on an already very stiff ride it skipe over bumps on turns. It's a little disconcerting for a car that's renowned for its handling. If I had a choice I would go with 17s or 16s in an effort to soak up a few of those bumps that otherwise would skip or rattle you in your seat.

  5. Really miss my R53. Just like Matt's, no sunroof, with OEM LSD, Recaro Pole Position and 4 pots. That is the basic recipe for R53 & R56.
    Lift off over steer heaven

  6. Wish I lived closer, I've got an r53 MINI running nitrous. Probably the only MINI on spray that you'll ever see, would love to let you take it out on one of these runs.

  7. Are you planning to do any more in CT? I'm in RI and have no issue for the drive if you'd want to horse around in a slow car that makes some louder noises. It is one of the few stock height modern Civic Si's left. Also I have a fourth brake light for safety's sake.

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