Hot Wheels: Modified 1965 Ford Mustang by Detroit Speed – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified 1965 Ford Mustang by Detroit Speed – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified 1965 Ford Mustang by Detroit Speed – One Take

This unrestored 1965 Ford Mustang began life with a six-cylinder engine but now sports a Roush / Yates High Performance 302 crate motor making about 325 horsepower and a five-speed transmission. It also features all of Detroit Speed and Engineering’s handling and brake upgrades, including 4-wheel disc brakes and a complete re-engineering of the suspension.

Check out more at Detroit Speed’s Website for parts for your first-generation Mustang!

Full Disclosure: Detroit Speed arranged flights, hotel, rental car and some meals for the production of these videos.

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38 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified 1965 Ford Mustang by Detroit Speed – One Take”

  1. Everyone wants to complain about having a stiff clutch. I drive a big rig. You're all a bunch of pussies if you think a cable clutch it too tough to drive everyday LOL.

  2. TheSmokingTire Great video!! It's nice to see a relatively affordable and realistic power output type car, especially a mustang=) Love your video's so please keep them coming!!

  3. Pull into a gas station and you're sure to find someone telling you they had one back in the day. That happened to me with my first '68 back in the 80s. You better believe it, I still own and drive a '68 Mustang, just a nicer one.

  4. This test driver does not seem to like Fords ?, that is what I get out of it. 325 H.P is good for a Mustang this light weight and more than enough for fun driving and power. You can get a 306 crate motor with 390 H.P . which would be perfect with 3:55 posi traction gears for a Coupe like this.

  5. 302 is hard to kill as long as you don't go above 500hp. Go above 500hp and you're on borrowed time before that weak block decides to come apart. Hell, if you're over 400hp and beating on it regularly at the track it's going to split sooner rather than later. However, a normally aspirated 302 will make a healthy 350'ish hp all day long with some decent heads and cam, have good driving characteristics, and last a long long time.

  6. Wow, what a gem. May not be the fastest thing in the world but I'd dd the FUCK out of that car, especially with the vintage air – NO excuse not to. <3 <3 – want one…

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