Hot Wheels: Modified 1989 Honda Civic Si – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified 1989 Honda Civic Si – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified 1989 Honda Civic Si – One Take

Life is full of pleasant surprises, and Reza’s 1989 Honda Civic, even with just over 100 horsepower, is an absolute blast when it comes to driver involvement.

Check out Reza’s bad ass Civic on Wheelwell!

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42 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified 1989 Honda Civic Si – One Take”

  1. Ive owned 2 ef hatches,3 crx's and an ef sedan and they really are fun cars but i hit a wall in my sedan a deer in one of my hatches had a friend of mine die in a crx. So i can say while they are fun. It doesnt take much of a crash to be dangerous to you

  2. The worst part of this car was the weird dashboard and the huge steering wheel. But just pop a small aftermarket steering in there (it didn't had airbag anyway) and you got a pleasant car to drive.

  3. I had one of those, back in the day, with a full Jackson Racing suspension kit and white wheels. It handled unbelievably good. Guys would get pissed of on Mulholland, in much more expensive cars when I could keep up with them. Those were great days!

  4. TST if you're ever back in NZ you have to take out my '91 EF1 "23L", 1300 with a single computer contolled carb, 82 hp factory…probably closer to 50 now. NO REV LIMIT XD

  5. All these people praising low-horsepower small type civics/wagons are all people who can only afford these cars. Nobody with a decent brain would consider these cars as “fun” at all.

  6. Have an 89 CRX with a 91 D16A6, lost a little weight, no AC. blast to drive. Half a tank it weighs around 1980lbs. A couple of suspension bits, Skunk 2 springs, Tokico shocks, braided brake lines, DC rear upper bar, reman steering rack.. a blast to drive every day. Appx 380G miles, over 40 mpg on hwy in 5th. Wish l owned 5 more! And so easy to work on.

  7. It has been more than 2 years since this video appeared and I still think that this is a great car. Simple, light, fun, reliable and cheap. How can you go wrong with this?

  8. My brother one of these, a lil gray one for 800 bucks swapped a b20 put some ebay coilovers, no vtec, some slicks, everything else stock and we were still beating camaros and corvettes and chargers all for about $1,500

  9. 4th gen civics are one of the best handling cars in their category back in the 90's. they are so light and are a real to drive. i know, they got tuned to no good and got a bad reputation, which they not deserve. i have to mention, that all car brands and their hatches from the late 80's and early 90's(golf gti, renault clio, opel/vauxhall kadett e) are a lot more fun to drive than most of the newer cars. i mean, for example, every golf is faster nowadays, but they feel like, i don't know, nothing and even less. no steering response and no feeling of the street you are driving on is resulting in loss of fun and control. your are not the driver anymore, the car decides so much for you. i understand, that the safety aspect is a reason, to prevent accidents, and make it safer to drive. for all of us it is clear, that we will give away the controls of our cars in the near future and i'm okay with it. the history of driving a car and be fully responsible how you drive comes slowly to an end. (we got some time left ;)) but until then, i hope that everybody of you enjoys driving a car as it has to be driven!

  10. My first car was a 1988 Honda Civic. After I owned it a while, I swapped out the standard engine for a DX engine. I drove the car till I wore it out. Wish I had another one.

  11. All these people are saying they dont understand why everyone makes fun of it. But I couldnt find any rice comments xD TST community is almost all car lovers and its great


  13. Would you recommend a car like this for a build? "Not no rice build " just something i can push around when i feel like it keep it as simple as a i can maybe a 300 hp or so .. really looking for something to build so i can have fun with currently own a audi a4 b7 quattro 6 speed

  14. Always admired these Civics (only the hatchbacks though) for their looks, yeah they're boxes but at the time it was a way attractive box and really clean exterior. Honda gave it the "double wishbone" suspension at a time when most compact cars had struts up front and quite a few had beam axles in the back. College classmate in the mid 90s had one with an SiR engine (VTEC B16A with 150+ hp) from Japan (I don't remember if the whole car came over or it was just the engine). But yeah it was fast.

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