Hot Wheels: Modified 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 – One Take

The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 (sold as the GTO in Japan and overseas) was an incredibly advanced and complex car for its time; it was eventually priced out of the US market at the end of the 1990’s alongside the Supra, 300ZX, and RX7. This one has been modified with a full exhaust, intake, coil over suspension, and the darkest window tints we’ve ever seen.

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  1. There is a lot of comment on the unreliability of these cars. What were the problems. Probably with the VR4s. Owned two 300GT SL's and put together over 100k and didn't have a bit of problems.

  2. The reason why this car is so loved is because this was one of the first cars you could reasonably expect to own that broke 0 to 60 in sub sixes. And, while hard to work on, the engine had easily twice the hp just waiting to be unleashed… in the 90s. Let that sink in.

    Doesnt sound like much now, but when they came out the vr4s were monsters, and the AWD essentially guaranteed you always won 1/8ths and quarters vs any stock car for the time period. Heavily modded, they basically beat everything. Still beat most things to this day.

    Additionally, while everyone complains about the weight on paper–remember it's a grand touring car. You dont want anything that weighs much less because the ride quality becomes shit over the long duration races these cars were made for. GT cars, to this very day, keep roughly the same vehicle weights.

    Sadly, them being hard to work on compared to the legendary Nissan 3.0 and rotary of the rx7 killed the car, but for those that knew what they were doing and put in the work you got a up to 640hp car with very little additional investment that drove buttery smoother the point it could be dailied.

    Which is what I did with mine until an illegal immigrant took my 94 vr4 out with their prius, but… that's s different story for another time.

  3. This comment section is full of complete retards, some facts for you idiots coming from a vr4 owner and sl owner, stock turbo vr4's run 12's with ease all day long and 10's at 500 ish hp at almost 4k lbs, fastest ones are running 8's on stock trans and stock diffs as well as stock suspension, unreliable? Sure, if you don't take care of it ofc, they are super reliable if taken care of and tuned right, ive seen high hp vr4's get beat tf up everyday and still run like a beast, don't believe any of the horror stories it's all bs and no spark plugs are not hard to change on these cars it takes me 15 minutes to change all 6 including wires, inexperienced mechanics and misinformed people are the only ones that talk crap about vr4's

  4. I would want that boost limiter noise, but for a custom kill switch, so when I turned it on, it sounds like I am turning on an airplane (or as a shift indicator- who know?).

  5. That car is awesome! The early 90's (and even some late) were the greatest. My favs in order;

    *1993 MR2
    199x NSX
    199x 3000GT
    1993 Supra
    1995 Eclipse GSX
    199x 300z
    1993 Rx7 (Sick looking but not a fan of the engines)

    *Also loved the late 80s Mr2, 300z and Rx7.

  6. I'm an Original owner of a red 98 3000gt VR4 and still love it. I planned on buying a 99 but went out and got a 98. This is because I thought the 99 was ugly when I saw it. I mainly didn't like how the lights had black on them against the red.Now I like the look of the 99. Mitsu was way ahead on design as the 97-99 doesn't look  old  today!!

  7. With those electronic boost controllers. You pretty much have to set your overboost protection at least three PSI over your target boost. But yeah the factory ECU and solenoid control it so much better. It's measuring the intake air temperature and the absolute pressure in the manifold and constantly making adjustments. You really want to piss off a car with one of those. Put one on a Volkswagen. The ECU will start pulling all the timing Advance out when it realizes it lost control over the Boost and put you in limp mode also. It will be like oh I see you're trying to manually control the boost. Well let me just close this throttle plate on you then. Try boosting now bitch. The ECU always wins in German cars. That's why you just have to get it tuned and pay the thousand.

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