Hot Wheels: Modified 2002 Camaro SS – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified 2002 Camaro SS – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified 2002 Camaro SS – One Take

I’ve taken my fare of craps on the F-Body Camaro, and while some of those have been warranted, others, maybe not so much. This Camaro SS features almost 500 horsepower, 305-section tires at all four corners, big brakes, and a dialed in suspension with a song to match. They may still not be my cup of tea, but there’s no questioning that these F-Body cars can be made not only to haul ass in a straight line, but to get around corners as well.

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  1. He always talks shit on fbody interiors and well I had a 93 fox body mustang and it was no different than the quality of my 95 z28, maybe worse. The seats were garbage and the plastic felt brittle. Anyways this is a sick 4th gen

  2. i got an 02 B4C. Putting a Corvette LS6 engine in right now. just have to swap the harmonic balancer , H2O pump and a few sensors to be able to install it. Its a factory crate LS6 that never got used. Not even 1 mile on it. I pair it up with the Worked 4L60E and a Moser 12 bolt, 31 spline , True Trac differential. 1LE Suspension.

  3. Damn! This video brings back so many memories of when I bought my brand new 98 Camaro Z28. Most people didn't know a lot about these cars at that time. These things were SO underrated based on factory rated horsepower/torque numbers (Chevy rated these at 350 crank HP) whereas mine put down 332 RWHP completely BONE STOCK.

    I used to run against STI's, EVO's, Turbo Civics, Mustang GT's, Mustange Boss 302's, etc. and I can't tell you how many times I'd get asked "Is that thing supercharged?" or "You runnin juice?" 4th gen F-Body's were BY FAR the best bang for the buck you could've purchased in 1998-2002. The LS1 was a game change at that time.

    Hell, with just some basic mods (Whisper Lid/Headers/Full Exhaust/Ported TB) my best 1/4 mile run was a 12.11 @ 114mph on DR's… And that was using the 6-speed manual btw! =)

  4. Must be great to make a living out of driving other peoples awesome cars. Somebody has to do it. His channel is entertaining I just wish I'd came up with it first.

  5. Who ever records your sound, is a pro.
    This is the standard that should be met. No annoying porn' rock music in the background. No cheesy loud obnoxious host. Good video

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