Hot Wheels: Modified BMW 335i – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified BMW 335i – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified BMW 335i – One Take

This is our second BMW 335i for this series, and features some common modifications to the platform.

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31 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified BMW 335i – One Take”

  1. I can understand why Matt isn't doing these anymore. They are rather predictable now.
    "So what do you have done to this thing?"
    "Okay cool, wow this thing is quick man! Sounds good, nice! The steering is x, it rides x"
    Drives it on a twisty road.

  2. The car is very well balanced stock. BMW is about balance, not pointless power. I've got an all stock 2012 335i M-sport (N55) and it's fantastic. A Jb4 is a no-brainer though. It will put that extra kick in there and the car should still be pretty well balanced. But I really don't think adding mods and even more power compliments the car well. This is also one of the nicest looking cars around IMO. One of BMW sexiest designs.

    PS car owner… The water pumps go out in these cars like clockwork at 50k-70k. Mine is going out at 58K. Good luck…

  3. Yea all that and no tune? WTF?
    Nice car, don't get me wrong, you've done nice work. But, why the hell wouldn't you toss in a Cobb or JB4? Its so damn easy and so worth it. Not to mention you have the downpipes already? Tune that beast!

  4. I used to own the Twin turbo 335i and I blew a turbo and they quoted the repair at over 4k dollars. The whole thing about bmw being stupid expensive to repair is absolutely correct. Be careful if your getting any new beamer above like 2000. Or we'll if your getting an e30 m3 GOOD LUCK!!

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