Hot Wheels: Modified BMW 335i – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified BMW 335i – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified BMW 335i – One Take

Matt reviews an early BMW 335i with an ECU tune and a bunch of suspension modifications. Even at six years old, how does the 335i hold up?

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46 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified BMW 335i – One Take”

  1. That car's almost too fast for its chassis. The n54 is violent in the way it makes big tourque. It feels just like a big chevy v8, but faster since it revs faster. Pretty wild imo.
    And that e92 is a tiny car that feels like an Accord inside, not really the same as something like a Camaro chassis that feels designed for big tourque.
    This makes it feel like the 335i is constantly on the brink of disaster where a nice Camaro 1le would feel planted and ready for more.

  2. Third gear is special in this car. My E90 335 is tuned running the Cobb AP Stage 1+ Aggressive with Intercooler map blowing its sound out the BMW PE Exhaust. It will peak boost around 18-20 psi and damn, this car moves. I don't know if its my car specifically, but around 4400 RPM, it has this extra kick in the pants acceleration. Almost sounds like my tune is blowing a shot of air or fuel to make it burn hotter for a split second. It just sounds so amazing too. I get that roar of the PE exhaust, and the whistle of the turbo, and then this extra BBRRAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM as it kicks in 4400 PRM to 6000 RPM. What an awesome car to drive. Best part is that I can smoke most any sports car on the street but it just looks like a normal black 3 Series with tints. Very unassuming.

  3. "Don't cheap out on your tires" Maybe when you live in the canyon! When you live in Indiana and have a 335xi I slap on some $70 a piece tires and call it a day. Never loose traction because my state is so flat.

  4. After months of searching, found an 07 335i 6 speed manual and only 94k miles on it yesterday, and for $9.4k end of year sale at a BMW dealer, it was 1 hour away from me. I submitted the credit app and talked to a guy at the dealer that morning. Another salesman sold it 10 minutes before I got there. It had the nav too. It was beautiful. And gone right out from under me.

  5. +TheSmokingTire Matt I keep seeing this in your vids, you love running over the reflectors when you slightly cut corners. It drives me batshit crazy lol. There seems to be plenty of lane, you just love mowing down those reflectors!

  6. Hey guys… Can someone tell me what mods he has done for his car? Like the suspenion mods. He talks like a mouse and can't hear him well! Would really appeaciate it! Thanks.

  7. matt, why is it so difficult for you to stay out of the lane reflectors? it's in every video, on every road. don't tell me you're just apexing, you would be able to pull off the same driving speed with different lines and staying out of the middle of the road.

  8. How many times has he had the HPFP replaced? ($800+) How about the oil filter housing gasket and oil cooler gasket that ruin the cooling hoses and drive belt below the leak? ($1100) How about that direct injection, hope you walnut blast every 30k miles. ($500) That "lifetime" tranny fluid lasts about as long as the warranty. ($800) Want to replace the battery because it makes the car run like garbage? Well, it's $200 and needs programmed to work with the car. If your IBS (Intelligent battery sensor) went bad and caused the battery to shit out, that's $400. Ask me how I know. This car is a pain in the ass and only worth $9k. Wish I bought the E39 or an E46. E90 N54 is garbage. Save your money you would spend on the JB4 and put it towards one of the many known issues you will face, soon. Enjoy your "Ultimate Driving Machine" while it's not in the garage. FOR SALE: 2007 BMW 335i coupe.
    Looks neat.
    Your friends will be super impressed because they don't pay your maintenance bills.
    Three "New Car Smell" air fresheners.
    90k miles, every single one is highway miles. Every one.

  9. Hey Matt, could you recommend some tires, and maybe brakes, for my '07 E90 RWD Sedan? I live in NY, and I'm not too crazy about having to buy summer and winter tires. Is there a good all-season brand you recommend? I'm not going to the track, and I don't race. But I drive aggressively when I can. Are big brakes necessary for my style of driving? What brakes would you recommend? Thanks 🙂

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