Hot Wheels: Modified BMW E30 Coupe 2.7L Stroker Motor – (One Take)

Hot Wheels: Modified BMW E30 Coupe 2.7L Stroker Motor – (One Take)

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified BMW E30 Coupe 2.7L Stroker Motor – (One Take)

17-year old Ryan bought this BMW 325e for $50, which we think is a hell of a deal for ANY running car. Along with his dad, he’s slowly building it up with a 2.7L stroker engine, new head, exhaust, suspension, wheel, and tire modifications. We love seeing young people appreciate the classics, and Ryan’s keeping the spirit alive with his daily driven E30 Coupe

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48 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified BMW E30 Coupe 2.7L Stroker Motor – (One Take)”

  1. I would believe in God if I could find an E30 that cheap. You can't get one under about £2000 in the UK. Not only that, but insurance on it would be about £3000.

  2. Way back when, BMW made the 325e & 325es with stroked M20 engines. They were for economy, low rpm, higher torque engines for general driving.

  3. Too loud, especially for the amount of horsepower that the car has. I would get annoyed and embarrassed driving this thing, reminds me of one of those Honda drivers with fart cans.

  4. 150 to the wheels? Wtf those were factory 187hp, and reblueprinting the original motor to spec and throwing a glass pack straight pipe on it and a better air intake possibly headers and that shits at near 230… The hell you stroke it for

  5. Can anyone narrow down the rims and tires , the manufacturer , model , and size of tire .
    If they fit with the stock suspension , I would love these on my car.
    Any help or info would be appreciated , thanks .

  6. For people saying this car is slow, it should do 0-60 in the high 5 to low 6 second range. Not bad at all for what it is im sure it's a blast to drive.

  7. this guy should be driving a honda with all that bullshit ass modifications.. what a waste of a e30. Like being loud is something to be proud of… he should really shut up about all those modifications he has done to the car… should of swap engine

  8. To this day I still regret not buying my friends E30 with the 2.7 ETA stroker motor with the 325i head conversion and whole shebang to make it 2.8. Had a schrick 302 cam in it as well. Had the meanest loopy idle you can imagine an M20 making. Almost cammed V8 like. Put down somewhere between 220-230hp in a 2200 pound car, and isn't bad for an NA singlecam inline6 from the 1970's. Fuel economy was beyond bad tho, about 10mpg. That was like 3 years ago, and now E30 coupes are overpriced to hell. God damn drift tax.

  9. everyone claims to buy all these cheap e30s that are in decent shape… meanwhile i've been searching for e30s since 2010 and all i see are shitty banged up e30s for $5000+ anything less is even worse.

  10. seems slow as hell.. BMW's are dogs with exhaust like that, you destroy the scavenging BMW took lots of time to engineer.. at least what ive found from experience.. didnt hear this car backfire tho soo..

  11. They stopped selling 325e/es's in the US in 1986. People like to make lemonade out of their lemon 325e/es by sticking a 325i/is head on it. It's not a bad idea, but people overhype it

  12. Very clean example! Kind of funny how not that long ago an E30 could have been bought for next to nothing and now they've had a huge price inflation over night.

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