Hot Wheels: Modified Datsun 510 Wagon – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified Datsun 510 Wagon – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified Datsun 510 Wagon – One Take

This 1972 Datsun 510 Wagon features a 2.1L Troy Ermish engine making about 130 horsepower, a roll cage and a significantly modified suspension and chassis all done at home by trial and error. The car is now a sorted and fun driver for canyon runs, autocrosses and track days.

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  1. Back in the mid 80s y had one of this, white wide tires Enkey rims gold inside and silver around all aluminum, sun roof, with a regular modified carburator and stock engine 1.6 liter, all "special spark plugs wires and coil, engine oil cooler and bigger radiator, transmission oil cooler as well, leather seats all black interior and white outside, the white color of the wagon plus the gold and silver rims draw a lot of attention and people always ask what whehiwas that. Inside the sound system was pioneer all the way around, speakers very very loud and Crystal clear, the radio cassette with equalizer building in, had back the the best of the best, I installed a water temperature reader, voltage reader and of course oil pressure reader. All suspension was modified to the best performance. I went from LAX to New York in 3 days, me and a friend, every time we are ready to cross the state line we have to wake up whoever was at sleep. The engine of the car was never stopped the engine was running perfect and all gages show no problems. Back in those days it was pure pleasure since all police never batter you if no infraction were committed, those Datsun are really the perfect machine built by engineers that loved their job, just a fantastic car and pure enjoyment. If I ever find one I will rebuild it again with all the technology available today, that will be superb! One of the marvelous of the best and real engineering affordable to anyone back then. I love those Datsun, I hope I can get one before I die pals, I am very sick my dear friends. With so much love to everyone of you from Colombia south America! Best regards to the pals of the greatest and most respectable country of the world! The USA. The car was so nice Kool many people Wana take a picture, the ones that have camera.

  2. I've owned a bluebird from 95 to 2009. I'm sick about it. I had to move to a new country, I bought one after 4 years! What if I make a vid on my 89 stanza? I drive it around and many love it.

  3. I had many Datsuns back in the day wagon, truck and a couple of B210s they are absolute great and simple cars. I would but one for $200 in pieces and drive it cross-country thru the Arizona desert With a cracked radiator, look at New Cadillac on the side of the road ,overheating. Haha!

  4. I Had A 69 And A 72 Wagon And Lost Both Of Them 2 The Police. Now I Drive A G35 And Love It. BUT I STILL Can't Wait 2 Find Another 5/10 Wagon. Way Better Than Any Civic

  5. I think I draw through turbo setup with like a 16g…. maybe a little smaller on 10 12 lb of boost would make that thing amazing not break the bank. you could use an MSD box that pulls timing out and it would stay vintage.

  6. I really like the owner of this car. Im a Subaru owner but Ive had a great past with Nissan with my Brother. He has fantastic taste and I loved my Brothers B13 SE-R that He turbo'd and really built out to an amazing autox car. I had a 1980 Corolla 2 door liftback that started my love for old Yota and Datsun wagons.

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