Hot Wheels: Modified Mazda RX8 – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified Mazda RX8 – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified Mazda RX8 – One Take

The Mazda RX8 was Mazda’s last-ditch effort at making the rotary engine a viable option for a mass-market car. With a brilliant, lightweight chassis and body, practical clamshell doors for easy rear seat access, and a 9,000 RPM naturally aspirated engine, we find that the RX8 offers much more chassis than power, even if it is quite fun to rev. This example is owned by a racing instructor, and is modified in the traditional racing instructor way: mostly stock engine, expensive suspension setup tuned softer than expected, and way more brakes than you should ever need.

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26 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified Mazda RX8 – One Take”

  1. A sub 2.0 liter drinking fuel like a small block V8 but with less then a third the power. No matter why these never took off and we're DOA.

  2. Lol reliability issues…My Rx-8 389,000 KMs so over 200,000 miles. Maintaned properly with a few proper modifications. Still rocking strong!

    And if they want to bring the RX series back and do not want to put a rotary in it..maybe drop a top tune turbocharged inline 6 in it. That could be fun.

  3. Crazy fact. Thanks to E85/95 there are people getting 1700hp out of the rx8 because of the insane amounts of boost they are able to shove into the engine.

  4. 7 grand for a new motor? The shop near me does entire basic rebuilds for £900 but can do more extensive rebuilds. £1500 will get you a full rebuild and street port. Did mazda pull your new engine from a vat of 24k gold? The fuck. You can get a perfectly working rebuild on ebay for under a grand. Also I get what you are saying, the torque is shockingly shit in the RX8. When I have a passenger its pretty slow. But on my own, its hell fast. Lightweight flywheel, light weight pulleys, strip the plastic shit out the engine bay, lighter battery and ditch the mechanic water pump which is robbing power and switch to an electric water pump (quality brush-less water-pumps are VERY reliable). Other than that, a catless exhaust is the way to go for some more horses. Don't bother upgrading the intake, its the best it will get. All those things will make the car lighter, and will probably free up a good 30bhp and a little torque. And you'll feel it. Also a street port couldn't hurt.

  5. I never did compliment but I wanted to thank you Matt for giving this car a chance on your channel, and what's better, you had someone who has had experience with both sides and did some research on the rotary. If I could, I'd let you drive my R3 (although you probably already have). It has much more torque than the series 1 stock and still a car to fall in love with for its balance, sound and unique engine.

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