Hot Wheels: Modified Mazdaspeed6 – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified Mazdaspeed6 – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified Mazdaspeed6 – One Take

Matt tests one of the most overlooked performance sedans in the used market: The Mazdaspeed6. With the powerful engine from the Mazdaspeed3 mated to an all-wheel drive system in a relatively light, nimble chassis, the MS6 is a real sleeper.

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36 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified Mazdaspeed6 – One Take”

  1. Still wished that Mazda would’ve went with the 3.0 v6 and turbocharged it. It would be super unique to the car. 2.3 is still good, but I feel it doesn’t fit the car. Lol

  2. Had two of these. Absolutely my favourite car so far, called the MPS over here in Ireland, the first year I got my black one we had the worst winter in years, used the car as a snow plough. In the dry, loved the speed, handling, the look of it. Only thing wrong with these cars is the componants are too soft. My first one put a connecting rod through the block and my second one blew the turbo and transmission. Wouldn't buy another one unless all these weak areas were upgraded.

  3. The MS6 engine isn't from the MS3, the 3 is a de-tuned version of what was originally developed for the 6, and the AWD system is fully active front/rear. The car performs exceptionally well in the snow, since the system collects feedback from the surface you're driving on and modifies its tendencies based on the available traction.

  4. When i was car shopping 10 years ago a sales man INSISTED i test drove a base 5 speed NA 4 cyl , And it scooted pretty good for a 4 banger sedan. My boss had a speed6 at the time. fun car

  5. I absolutely love my speed 6. just finished all bolt ons; new turbo, corksport downpipe, cpe exhaust, cpe intercooler, jbr 3" intake, upgraded fuel pump internals, injector seals and a tune. Corksport lowering springs and Bilstein Struts. The Car is amazing and handy in the winter

  6. I wish all your (near) million subscribers were as a considerate driver role-models as you are Matt, the world would be a safer place, and the AI driver wouldn't need to take over.

  7. I miss my Speed6 but mine was the rare (or maybe not rare) problem child. I took meticulous care of it but things kept breaking. Got to the point where I had to sell it but it was fun when it did work.

  8. The top on my 2nd gear on my b5 passat 1.8t is 65 mph. 3rd gear is 105. 4th and 5 th are really close together. Strange gearing.

  9. Mazdaspeed 6 as you call it in the USA does not have haldex! The Mazda 6 MPS as it is called here in Sweden has real 4wd. No haldex crap.

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