Hot Wheels: Modified Mustang BOSS 302 – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified Mustang BOSS 302 – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified Mustang BOSS 302 – One Take

There’s not much to say here other than Mike Heintz’s modified BOSS 302 Mustang is possibly the best Pre-2015 Mustang road car I’ve ever driven. Making 475 wheel horsepower without the use of forced induction, and getting that power to the ground with a full Maximum Motorsports suspension build, this thing is an absolute riot.

Check out the mod list on WheelWell!

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42 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified Mustang BOSS 302 – One Take”

  1. I'm going through phases of getting an 18 pp or a boss, I've owned a 14 and I love the body, these since they around the same price. I like the interior of the new 18's but this reminds me of why I want the boss, sweet set up man, even from the video the sound is insane I can only imagine what it sounds like in person.

  2. Fantastic car
    I just got a 2014 gt manual
    So exactly what do I need to do to fix my tranny issue?
    Simply a shift kit??
    Damn i should’ve looked for a boss302
    I’m in love

  3. SUPER nice car. I do have a question, and pardon me if it sounds dumb…but, is there any benefit in doing all of these mods (turning it into a track car) instead of doing it to just a normal Mustang 5.0 instead of the Boss?
    Was this the Maximum Motorsports Max grip box, or something else/extra?

  4. wow you just riced out a cheap American piece of shit. LOL'ing right now. id rather have a bicycle than that piece of American junk

  5. Matt, that was definitely one of your best rides I've seen!!! That run through the tunnel near the end had me grinning from, "oh, here it comes….!!!!" Mike has built an awesome car and you just have to give the man credit for a really well done job. I'm looking for a 2015-2016 S550 with the Coyote V8/6-speed. Mustangs with 4 bangers or V6es just make me cringe when they go by… that sound ain't right!!

  6. While I love this car, you saying it would hand a 350 it's ass is a bit much I think. going off the fact that this was slower than a z/28

  7. Only 470 to the wheel? That seems like a modest tune, I feel like he could be at 500 to wheels easily. Especially because he has the Cobra Jet cams and the whole intake setup from the Cobra Jet

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