Hot Wheels: Modified Nissan 350Z – One Take

Hot Wheels: Modified Nissan 350Z – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Modified Nissan 350Z – One Take

The Nissan 350Z is about at rock bottom prices these days, which is probably why I get asked about them so often as platforms for tuner cars. They have some issues, but can be great fun when set up right.

Check out Matt’s 350Z on WheelWell!

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38 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Modified Nissan 350Z – One Take”

  1. I'm a 2006 350z enthusiasts owner. I bought it 2 months ago with 4768.0 miles at 11,900 and heres the million dollar question…….How do you get rid of clutch chatter? The clutch is good, but the chatter is as loud or louder than my eghaust. If this can be fixed I'll have it done but its going to change my out look on my z and the possibility of buying the all new 2020 400z Nismo 476 hp. Someone throw this old dog a bone please….
    Thank u,

  2. Such a cool car with great heritage. I don't think they will ever not be classic styling. Prices are dropping so much on these too. Definitely need to pick one up.

  3. This will be my next car for weekend fun can't wait. Saving $1000 a month from now until summer hopefully can buy it cash or pretty well cash. Or down payment and finance the small amount left

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