Hot Wheels: Monterey 328SS Sport Cruiser – One Wake

Hot Wheels: Monterey 328SS Sport Cruiser – One Wake

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Monterey 328SS Sport Cruiser – One Wake

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The Monterey 328SS is a fast lake and coastal cruiser with an open bow seating area, sleeping berth and head below deck, and twin 300-horsepower LS-Based 5.3L Volvo Penta V8 engines with IPS joystick docking capability. The interior is “car-themed,” with automotive-esque trim and console.
· Beam: 9’8
· Length Overall: 32’2
· Weight: 9700 Lbs dry
· Max power: 860 HP / As Tested 300 HP

Learn more at the Gainesville Marina & Boat Sales

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21 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Monterey 328SS Sport Cruiser – One Wake”

  1. Awesome Video, love Monterey boats! Been selling them for a while and your video is great! I do alot of walk around videos of the Monterey boats but this is by far above anything I have been able to do! Keep posting great videos!

  2. A 300 hp 5.2 liter V-8 engine in a car would be a disgrace. How is it not stupid in a boat? A mustang GT350 makes 526 hp and is a 5.2 liter V-8. You lose over 226 hp by putting an engine in a boat?

  3. Matt I love your show I've watched it for years but those aren't 5.3L's. The salesperson told you the incorrect info. They're Gen 3 5.7L's. Volvo Penta and Mercruiser never put a 5.3L in a boat from the factory. Ain't trying to be rude just wanna correct what I heard that was wrong. But keep up the boat episodes they're awesome!!

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