Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – Final Sorting Canyon Test

Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – Final Sorting Canyon Test

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Project Fox Mustang – Final Sorting Canyon Test

Now that our cooling system is dialed in, the cracked header is fixed, and we can comfortably run the engine without breaking anything, time to put some miles on the Mustang!

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49 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – Final Sorting Canyon Test”

  1. Is a 92 lx hatchback 4 cylinder auto worth fixing or better to piece out has almost everything original n in great condition actually. Inside engine trans wrk but want power but still keep it looking sleeper stock .

  2. At last an intelligent build with a vision. Something progressive that you can actually drive and have fun with total control and pleasure. I think I would rather use a leather wraped stearing wheel.

  3. All Black! Well themed mate. You have a similar car/ build mentality to a lot of us kiwis. People used to reasonably often shoe 302 Windsors into cortinas over here. Sometimes even escorts or anglia's.

  4. Love the car man! Absolutely perfect and same way I would build a Fox. I currently own a 97 Supra single turbo and that will always be my true dream car but damn I wish I had the money to just have one of everything. Especially a notch back Fox!!!

  5. I am not a big fan of Fords and Mustangs, however… This is a well built car, and I have to give you props. I love the fact that it started out as a Highway Patrol car, and the fact that you built it as a handling car, not a drag car. I can imagine it is a lot of fun to drive. You now have built one of the few Mustangs I have respect for, and actually would own myself if given the chance.

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