Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – First Race Track Test

Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – First Race Track Test

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Project Fox Mustang – First Race Track Test

Before sending the Fox Mustang to Maximum Motorsports to begin our build, it’s important to set a number against which to gauge our improvements. Therefore, Matt takes the car to a Shift S3ctor Track Day at Buttonwillow Raceway Park for a few shakedown laps and to set a baseline time against the Fiesta ST as well as an E46 M3.

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  1. I’m breaking out my 92 emerald green lx 5spd this summer , the first time in 14 years , she has bin in storage but I’m getting her ready first with all new breaks tires and all new gaskets . I let my stang sit way to long …. she is dry as a bone and looks like a time capsule.

  2. who needs brakes, brakes cost you time 😛

    my fox hasn't seen the track in ages, but its a lot of fun once you build it. its SUPER FAST once you get it going. I made the idiot move of supercharging and now I have my midrange torque followed by "WTF is that" power near 4.5-6k rpm. its a lot of fun. brakes are my biggest issue too, even 4 wheel disc sometimes doesn't do it. I have a GT though and its heavier, and I got a full stock interior because I like to keep my road look so I can drive it on streets and feel comfy, I could probably use seats too though x.x

  3. I remember when the foxbody was hot, 4 of my good friends would go to the local ford dealerships and watch it for a week or so then it was on! They'd steal them left and right brand new from the dealer lot. We'd take 250R three wheeler's out to where there was massive rubber tarps. Lift them up 50 sets of doors 25 brand new transmissions auto's and sticks. My other buddy had all the hoods and trunk lids down his cellar and the interiors and motors where in other places. It was awesome for years but then people got greedy and the ratting took place and all got raided, shit by that time much wasn't left. Everyone did there time for it. But not much!

  4. it looks like the feel is bad and the steering must be because it's a old car like u always state towards other people's. not holding up to well for its age

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