Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang Is Nearly Done!

Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang Is Nearly Done!

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Project Fox Mustang Is Nearly Done!

Matt makes a long-overdue trip to Maximum Motorsports in San Luis Obispo, CA, to check on the status of the Mustang. It’s nearing completion and we get a look at all the fun parts in the car!

To make your Mustang go around corners like a boss, hit up Maximum Motorsports at:

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44 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang Is Nearly Done!”

  1. When they have nothing but the same car as yours at the shop you take it to, you know it’s at the right place
    …and it’s probably going to be pricy lol

  2. dude i just picked up a 93 notch back one of my buddys use to own it he passed away a few months back and watching your videos is getting me soooo pumped for summer cruising awsome job on the car man looks deadly

  3. I don't understand all the people with issues about how much this build cost. It's not unheard of to put $20-30 grand into a car. Yeah, he got some sponsored/free parts, it's called advertising. This build isn't even all that exotic, lots of factory parts. I'm planning a similar build, except mine will have a/c, no compromises on that. The little fox bodies are excellent candidates for these type of builds. Oh, and I'll be building mine in the garage.

  4. Rims remind me of the old Steeda Mustangs and the 5 stars they always used…..loved them….good job! and thx for not LS swapping it

  5. I was interested in the build with MM, but as soon as you mentioned the cobra irs that turned me off completely, that thing is like 2k alone, I'll sell my fox and get me a corvette ready to handle

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