Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – Let the Mods Begin!

Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – Let the Mods Begin!

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Project Fox Mustang – Let the Mods Begin!

Matt has finally begun modifying the project Fox Body Mustang; adding a Jeg’s H-pipe for a little more grunt, a Hurst Billet Short Throw Shifter for better gearchange feel, subframe connectors to help stiffen the chassis (until we fully cage it), and removed half the interior. Time to test it with a run up the snake!

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39 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Project Fox Mustang – Let the Mods Begin!”

  1. Have to agree at how surprising neutral these foxbodys are stock. You hear so much about poor handling but they are pretty fun on a curvy road. Even with 30 year old suspension.

  2. Sheeple get out of my way all the time when they see the FOX coming down the road 😉
    Big difference since I installed a MAC H pipe and MAC headers alot louder and alot more top end just feels like its breathing better now, Work in progress but coming along, The best part! "ROARING" down the road while everyone else is going slow motion in their priuses and recycled pop can cars lmfao! The import guys laugh because it's a gas guzzler but considering I pay $230 canadian a year for hagerty (classic) car insurance the scales weight out equaly!, I live next to detroit where this baby was built its a nastalgia thing and im loving every minute with this car! Good luck with the build man have fun its what lifes all about!

  3. I love maximum motorsports products…I really would love to get the k member one day the subframe connectors and rear control arms will be alright till then! I'll be waiting to watch the update video good job guys.

  4. It's about time! I finally found a channel that supports the idea of mountain pass racing! I've been telling so many people for about a year now that the fox stang would be a perfect example of an American Touge car with minimal upgrades! FINALLY, SOMEBODY GETS IT RIGHT!!!!

  5. 1:18 put the interior back in and hit the treadmill!! haha, no really you are the only car guy I watch on youtube, you are great at what you do and I am pumped to see whats to come on project Nasty Notch!!

  6. Hey Matt I've noticed you really seem to hate on Maseratis. Could you explain to me what a wrong with them? Is it the fact that they're over priced or what?

  7. I have the same Hurst shifter on mine, I paired it with a Burton 2 post steel brushing replace the terrible rubber brushing and it made things day and night much more crisp and very direct cant wait to see what else y'all do to her!

  8. When r u gonna do the update on project fox . I can't wait to see what's done to it. Suspension wise I'm building my own fox and looking for good pointers! ! Big fan

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