Hot Wheels: RUF 993 BTR-2 – One Take

Hot Wheels: RUF 993 BTR-2 – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: RUF 993 BTR-2 – One Take

Ruf cars are very cool, and very rare. Considered a separate manufacturer entirely from Porsche, on which their cars are clearly based, their cars feature radical powertrain changes and big speeds. The 993 BTR-2 is a narrow-bodied Porsche Carrera with a single turbo engine making more power than Porsche’s own Twin Turbo 911 at the time. This is a very rare car in the US, and it’s a wonderful treat to take it for a spin.

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23 Replies to “Hot Wheels: RUF 993 BTR-2 – One Take”

  1. I really like this car. Even though it has a somewhat dated look to it, it is good looking, has tons of power, and handles great.

  2. The reason why RUF got first a German car manufactor number and short time later approven by US Department of Transport and EPA is simple. RUF builds lot of parts not avaible from Porsche… example the first RUF the 1993 RUF BTR was fitted with a five speed transmission completely own RUF development during a time Porsche fitted the 911 TURBO still with a 4 speed manual. The other thing that seperated RUF from Porsche was the completely different level of perfromance in combination with a untouched reliabilty…the BTR went over 300km/h and later the CTR 342km/h beating the Ferarri F40 and the Porsche 959. RUF offerend performance Porsche needed 10 more years to reach… and RUF developt completely own cars like the CTR3 which only use the frontal crash structur of the GT3 or the new RUF CTR (MK II) which use nothing from a 911 expect the look… they develop own engine… like the RUF V8 in the RUF RGT-8… there are serious reasons why they have a own manufactor number

  3. theres a law in germany wich says that if you change more than a certain percentage of the cars parts (not sure how much, but i think somewhere >75%) you automatically become a manufacturer…

  4. Wiki says Ruf started on Porsches by tuning them and then moving to Porsche bodies or "bodies in white" and building everything else themselves. It doesn't say how they received a blessing from Porsche to do so but if I had to guess a lot of money was involved.

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