Hot Wheels: SUPERCHARGED BIG BLOCK Chevy C10!! – One Take

Hot Wheels: SUPERCHARGED BIG BLOCK Chevy C10!! – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: SUPERCHARGED BIG BLOCK Chevy C10!! – One Take

Want to know what it’s like to drive a C10 shortbed – the lightest truck Chevy made in the C series – with a 640WHP supercharged 502 big block in it? So did we.

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Every company made a truck in the 60s, but the Chevy C10 seemed to have won the most hearts. When Chevy debuted the C10 pickup, it was a big improvement over the tractors that preceded it. It sat lower in the frame, and the IFS (on 2WD models) made it handle better, and easier to drive. Each year brought slight changes, from engines, to nicer interiors or upscale option packages. BIG thanks to @kultstatus for bringing it out.

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28 Replies to “Hot Wheels: SUPERCHARGED BIG BLOCK Chevy C10!! – One Take”

  1. I had one of these when I was 19 still my favorite vehicle. Something about the way you sit in them and those swing arms coming all the way up to the cab they ride so nice. And when you're 19 that glove box lid is an ideal joint rolling desk:-) ­čÖé

  2. Would like to have a 85 short bed with a blue print racing 632 big block. Comes with 850hp and 830tq naturally aspirated for 11k with 2year warranty and run on pump gas.

  3. we had a 70 c 10 when i was growing up. was just an old beater and dad sold it for about $800. this was around 1990. i wish we could have kept it. it was really fun to drive and you could feel exactly what was happening just like all the old cars and trucks were.

  4. i had full manual shift in my vette it was shift selonoid a and b worked the shiftin when both switches was off it would be in 2nd gear when selonoid a was on it would be in first gear off in 2nd gear solinoid b on it would be in 3rd gear a and b on it would be in 4th gear and i hoooked up the force motor which regulated how hard it shifted to the map senser and it would shift hard with no manifold pressure and when cruiseing softer shift had 2 toggle switches on steering wheel to shift it way before alll these paddle shifters were even heard of

  5. i had that same motor in a 84 corvette ecept i tore it down put arias 10.5 compression pistons in it and crane roller cam and bought 572 aluminum rectangle port heads on it with a victor jr aluminum intake manifold and 1150 holly on it but ran it with a 850 for a while it ran better actuualy with the 850 than the 1150 it would come out of the gate quicker with the smaller carb i also had the 4l80e transmission i went threw 3 built 700 r transmissions built with kevlar bands it would destroy the 700 r transmissions in high gear it would let the smoke out of the trans when id romp on it in high gear i had alot of fun in that car i wish i still had it everybody told me you cant put that motor in a corvette i said watch me got her done in a week with a little fabrication had to notch out the firewalll on corvette a little bit but i got it in there had all eight pipes into one pipe out the passenger side of car it sounded like a drag boat when i romped on iot i got the 15th 502 of gm assy line the serial number was xxw te00015

  6. 8.2 liters, a blower, and only 640whp? Modern Vettes are doing this with 6.2. Why so little? Are you just not trying to push things hard so it has more longevity?

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