Hot Wheels: Supercharged Chevrolet SS Automatic – One Take

Hot Wheels: Supercharged Chevrolet SS Automatic – One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Supercharged Chevrolet SS Automatic – One Take

The Chevrolet SS, (and its Holden/Vauxhall badgemates) are fantastically understated Q-Ships. Fast, refined, and spacious, they offer a ton of car for the money. This one features a massive roots-style Supercharger good for over 100 WHP increase, and turning this sleeper sedan into a proper missile.

Check out the build on Wheelwell!

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47 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Supercharged Chevrolet SS Automatic – One Take”

  1. My VF SS series II is exactly the same as the one used in the Chips remake….
    Except the steering wheel is on the correct side for a redhead Down Under….
    Love this car.

  2. The car is stupid fast and with a turbo it must be ridiculously fast. You easily lose track of how fast you’re going.

  3. Boy if I had the opportunity and money to buy the SS I would I also like the new stinger, just pray that the Lord would look down on me with favor to give me the financial means to have some joy in my life with all that I've lost in the last couple of years, amen and amen.

  4. Little rich jew flogging his car, wow in australia we have them as go to the drags on weekends and then to work and also to the shops everyday ?

  5. 2017 is the last year for these and I don't care for 4 door cars, but I bought one with the manual gearbox and put the ASA cam in it, it makes 480/480 to the wheels now. The dealer took $10k off the $48k asking price.Suddenly my wife has taken an interest in it.

  6. I’m torn between the SS and a scat pack Charger. I want your opinions. And I don’t care much about the difference in horsepower only because my current car is less than 250hp so both cars for me would feel really fast compared to what I’m used to.

  7. Lol, this dude is like the accountant that wants a cool car to remind him of his friends Camaros back in college. Love these cars though.

  8. How would I get my car on for a review for the channel? 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX with 400 AWHP , not alot but its still a fun car for the money if you know how to take care of cars.

  9. I've got a 2015 ss with a 2.9 Whipple headers and straight pipes are good for 620 hp to the wheels at least mine is . I was surprised that they made that big of difference

  10. After they offered these at 20% off, I couldn't find one. They sat around forever, then they were gone. I love how they act like 500 whp is so tame and boring. FFS are we getting spoiled, or what?

  11. Sleeper car and owner for sure. I wish they wouldn't have edited out the part where he says he was able to purchase it with the money Rodney Dangerfield gave him after he won that diving competition. Really touching stuff.

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