Hot Wheels: Team Black Magic – 2010 BullRun Day 7

Hot Wheels: Team Black Magic – 2010 BullRun Day 7

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: Team Black Magic – 2010 BullRun Day 7

The Smoking Tire becomes Team Black Magic for the 2010 Bullrun Rally from New York to Las Vegas. We take a 2011 Shelby GT500 on the ultimate dream road trip, courtesy of

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43 Replies to “Hot Wheels: Team Black Magic – 2010 BullRun Day 7”

  1. do not understand those crap looser lolll the hit is be a king with not get caught they want be looser number 1 of best fagets get caught lollll so for this they got prize number 1

  2. Yo man are you from New Jersey because I'm pretty sure I saw you one day driving on route 34 in wall NJ right around exit 98 on the parkway. Black Ferrari spyder convertible. I'm pretty sure I yelled out "that's a badass fuckin car". Hahaha

  3. That is absolute bullshit! 1-5 mes an hour over I would totally fight in court!, u speedo could be out that much with a different set of tires & rims! The cops gun could be calibrated  of by that much for fucks sake! I have fought speeding tickets for more than that representing myself & had them thrown out!

  4. What a losing attitude….
    If he cared so much, why not just drive the damn 15 miles with a flat. It's not great for the car but neither is offroading it but that didn't stop them.
    Or they could have just planned ahead and taken a can of that sealant crap and they'd have been fine.

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