Hot Wheels: The Worst Volvo 240 Ever – (Dirt) One Take

Hot Wheels: The Worst Volvo 240 Ever – (Dirt) One Take

Awesome Hot Wheels Review: The Worst Volvo 240 Ever – (Dirt) One Take

Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders gave Matt a 1992 Volvo 240 and, even at free, it’s so awful he doesn’t want it. Nevertheless, the opportunity for rallycross was too hard to pass up.

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33 Replies to “Hot Wheels: The Worst Volvo 240 Ever – (Dirt) One Take”

  1. youre so fucking quick to judge a vehicle Matt. kinda annoying but i guess if youve driven a wide palette of fine vehicles you have an excuse to talk down on other cars

  2. I just bought a 244d 1991 4dsd 5 speed I love it! There is alot of cool parts for this car, turbo kits and 16v swaps not to mention built well with strong engines they can keep up with the best of cars.

  3. you were very fucking STUPID and im not saying that lightly. no older volvo is a "piece of crap". you are goddamned right they are virtually unkillable. i hope whomever kyle is knows what hes got and keeps it. i got a 1986 240 with WELL OVER 300,000 miles and still running strong. prob will for another 300,000. volvo actually overbuilt them. and ford bought volvo to "steal" thier propritary safety features than sold them to the damn chinese. try hitting a deer at 55 in any other vehicle with ZERO damage.

  4. I'm surprised by the dislike of the 240, it's the lego car, it was used in racing, so you practically get suspension parts thrown at you when you own one, so it can grip well, the engine bay is large enough to room a BMW V12 with turbos, the stock engine has in the past been tuned upwards to about 1000hp so you wouldn't really need a swap if you didn't want to, they're RWD, and they're fairly light compared to most modern cars at around 1300-1400kg. So besides looking like a brick, they're fun cars…

  5. This guy is an idiot. The Volvo 240 is the best car ever made. They were built with rare integrity, and last forever(always pass emissions test). Built like an armored car, as you won't die in any crash(while belted), and can withstand off-road stupidity. This idiot blew a rear tire and thinks the whole rear-end fell out? WTF?

  6. My 240 wagon has A/C and cruises in the HOV at 80 all day long.

    Plus, I can speed past cops and they never take a second look!

    Plus Plus, cargooooooo!

  7. You can try to kill these things, but no matter what the tranny and engine will keep on kicking. Sure you could total the body, demolish the suspension and wheels but those engines are some kind of ancient evil.

    Every redblock volvo I come across in wreckers has the engine taken in less than a weeks time no matter the kilometers on them since they still work.

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